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Tila Tequila is Still Distraught and Wants to Let You Know By Showing You Her Ta-Ta’s

Tila, who is still suffering the after-effects of the loss of fiancee, Casey Johnson, had photos taken recently which were clearly intended to document her travels through the murky depths of life and death and loss … and craziness.

She looks like she’s upset, yes?  I know if I had lost my fiance, I’d look like death warmed over.  Cold, dead eyes, a pasty pallor and probably a nice crop of stress zits.  Kind of like how Courtney Love looks, well, all of the time.

I’m torn on how to feel for this girl.  She did lose someone close to her, no doubt — but her weird way of dealing with it, it comes across as just … bizarre nonchalance.  I know people deal with things in different ways but, damn, Tila.  Put a shapeless black frock on or something.

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  • Tila Tequila is undeniably beautiful. She is also undeniably insane and self-centered. Insanely self-centered, even!

    • I really don’t find her attractive at all. Much less beautiful. But I agree with you on the rest!

      Also I was nervous for a sec becuase I thought her tampon string was hanging out. I know that kinda thing isn’t really a big deal for her.

      • Okay, I can understand that. To me, she is undeniably beautiful. Gorgeous eyes, I think. But off her rocker bonkers.


  • the brother of an acquaintance of mine drowned last week while the family was on vacation in hawaii. the guy has been spending his time surfing and trying to figure out whether to spring for a designer tie for the memorial service. his best friend is calling him an insensitive asshole.
    there is such a thing as deep denial.

  • She’s a sociopath, she doesn’t give a fuck. It’s all “look at me! Look at me! I’m so important!”

    Gross pig.

    • That might have something to do with the fact that someone close to her just died suddenly. Just saying…

      • Yes, that has to be it. Whenever someone that is close to me dies I put on short shorts and show my tits and have photos made for all those that care about me to see. Christine, are you really as fucking stupid as you seem in your posts?

  • I know it’s not what I think it is, but isn’t the appearance of a string between her legs just a wonderful thing, considering a recent video she put out?

  • The whole situation is weird to me. Well I guess her way of dealing with it is weird to me. I get being in denial of a love one’s death and all, but even when in denial I don’t think I would still be desperately attempting to ham it up for as much publicity as I could. I’m no D-list celebrity or anything, but I’m pretty sure that the majority of “famous” people would grieve in a semi-normal type of way right? If my fiance died I’m not too sure about wanting to be on Twitter all the time or surrounding my self with paparazzi constantly while wearing a smile on my face. I probably wouldn’t even bother with the 100 layers of make-up since I’d probably be doing a fair amount of crying most of the time. But that’s just me.
    If she’s on drugs is very possible that she can’t react normally. Sometimes an addict can’t react to the loss of a loved one until they are sober, even if it’s years later. It will just end up hitting them out of no where (at least in my experience.)

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought maybe she killed her fiancee. This is obscene behavior and the authorities should really be paying attention. I’m thinking at the very least TT already knew CJ was dead, and was probably there when she OD’d and didn’t do anything about it. I thought it was odd that she hadn’t heard from her fiancee in a few days didn’t put out a missing person’s report. If my fiance is MIA for three days and I know they do drugs you better believe I’m knocking down that door SWAT team style.

    Can we please as a nation forget this person exists? I can’t stand her. So much so that I have no sympathy.

  • Hey Sarah, don’t mean to be a grammar nazi, but you don’t need the apostrophe in the word ‘ta-tas’.

    • Yes you do. You absolutely mean to be a grammar Nazi. Or you wouldn’t have said anything. Own it! Own that you can’t even go on a celeb gossip site w/ out mentioning shit that no one else cares about. Be proud of your grammar Nazi status. Also be sure to reply back about something I’ve misspelled or my bad grammar too.

  • She is cray-cray, but that shirt is cute. Minus the tits hanging out, I mean.

    Also, did anyone else see the video interview of Courtenay Semel wherein she claims that Casey (who she recently dated) had been desperately trying to get back with her right before proposing to Tila (who Courtenay also used to date) and that she thought the proposal was clearly just trying to get back at her and that Casey and Tila barely knew each other/Casey couldn’t actually stand Tila and other stuff like this? I don’t know if it’s true but it’s an interesting perspective given Tila’s bizarre way of mourning.

  • To put on a shapeless black frock, I’m pretty sure she’d have to go out and buy one. Seriously, I think stuff like that is just what she has in the closet.

  • She lost a friend; in TilaWorld, there is no one more important than Tila and getting Tila noticed and Tila’s name and pictures online. How she can say they were close, especially as close as she wants to claim, when she didn’t talk to her for a week, the girl was dead, no contact over New Years… Tila Time, I’m sure. I just love the circus that is Tila, don’t know what her FreakShow name would be.

  • The whole situation is just effed up. I haven’t been closely following Tila’s life, but didn’t that whole thing with Shawn Merriman (and I am sure I spelled that completely wrong) just happen within the last year? I am thinking it hasn’t even been that long, but I could be wrong there. Then all of a sudden, she’s “engaged” to Casey Johnson? Now she’s reacting to her “wifey’s” (gag me) death in the most bizarre manner possible? I agree with just about everyone else–if someone close to me died, I know I wouldn’t be on Twitter 24/7 and running around getting my picture taken.

    All in all, if her relationship with Casey was legit and she is truly in mourning, I feel bad for her. However, I just don’t think that’s the case. She’s using this as a publicity stunt for herself, which is just evil. She needs to just go away.

  • 4 months ago Shawn Merriman was Tila’s “Boo”. They were so in love until he allegedly choked her. Now she is the wifey of a deceased uber-rich girl with problems up the wazoo. Somehow she seems to always find herself in the middle of drama.
    This reminds me of Michael Jackson’s family-as far as publicity goes, Michael’s death put them back on the map. Tila is mentioned in every news story related to the death of the John & Johnson heir.

  • If I ever saw this trick in real life, I would punch her “E” list celebrity-ass right in the face. End of story.

  • hey I saw the video on her web pages and its not like she is so happy, she just said she didnt want to be rude, I think its ok for her to do whatever she wanted to feel good, but anyway she still look bad on the video, it seems she hasnt sleep in a while.

  • Tila Tequila is an absolutely gorgeous woman. Unfortunately, unless she gives herself a very serious reality check, she’s destined to die an early death just like her lover. Money, fame & sexual freedom are a certain bridge to disaster. Often it’s the death of one within the group which sends the message, but I’m thinking at least one more of these girls will have to die before the others get it. A word to the wise.


  • hey ,Tila you are vietnamese but i thought that ur singapor… u know? not alot of vietnamese girl doing so ba.o like you …. and i can not belive that ur just only 28 years old ….anyway you are ….so spicy