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Is This Matt Kemp Parody a Bit Mean?

This FunnyOrDie video parodying ads and Rihanna’s new beau is a little on the mean side for my tastes, but I bet some of you will see the humor in it. The actor who plays Matt cracks jokes about how he’s looking for a girl with “emotional baggage” (because she got beaten by her last boyfriend and doesn’t talk to her father, I guess) and that wants to share an umbrella. He also says he wants a woman with a has a whiney voice and pauses in front of the camera at the end to say over and over again that he does not hit chicks.

I suppose it’s a good thing that the person they are parodying is actually Rihanna’s new squeeze and this isn’t just some “audition tape to date Rihanna” or else I would think the whole idea is completely awful. I think that there would be a way to do a “Matt Kemp’s video” sketch without including half of the rude/outdated references they did, but hey! Maybe I’m just sensitive.

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  • can’t decide if i’m offended or not. I did laugh, so ?
    he deserves props for the part where he mutters “Chris Brown” under his breath as he walks off camera though.

  • It was kind of mean to Rihanna but not to harsh. Mainly I just didn’t think it was that funny. However, I liked when he muttered Chris Brown at the end. That part was good.

  • the only part I thought was funny was “looking for a girl to share my umbrella…ella..ella……eh ……… ” I’m generally not into political correctness but I thought this was a bit over the line. And I’m not even a fan of Rihanna.

  • Maybe I’m an awful person, but I thought it was funny! It didn’t elicit any raucous laughter, but I still found it entertaining!