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The Hilton Sisters Mourn the Loss of Casey Johnson

Most people don’t seem to know who Casey Johnson, the Johnson&Johnson heiress who passed away yesterday, but Paris and Nicky Hilton sure did. The fellow heiresses were family friends with Casey and according to Paris’ Twitter eulogy, this is not easy news for them to hear. While Paris Tweeted her condolences, Nicky Hilton, her mom Kathy and her boyfriend David Katzenberg went to the Johnson home last night to offer their support.

No one seems to be taking the news as hard as Casey’s future wife, Tila Tequila. In fact, she’s so upset that she just can’t stop Tweeting about it. Here are some of her Twitter posts from last night:

I know u can feel me Casey! Dot let go! I’m almost home baby please hang on! We have a beautiful life planned out for us! I LOVE u! Hang on!

I’m still in shock! Once again thank U for the outpour of love and support. I just wish to have some privacy at this heartbreaking time.

R.I.P my Angel. @caseyjonsonJnJ u will forever be in my heart! I love u so so much and we will Marry when I see U in Heaven my Wifey

I can’t stop these haunting visions of her and I. We made such a lovely couple, only beginning to spend the rest of our lives together…

It’s nice that she took a night off from the computer and whatever the hell she’s on to just grieve, right?

As for the cause of death, we’re still waiting and it looks like we’re going to be waiting for awhile. Because of the high-profile nature of her case, Casey’s autopsy results have been sealed and won’t be released until about a month from now. There’s a chance that the family may make an announcement before then and we will definitely hear rumors, but nothing official should be released for awhile.

The common COD is widely believed to be drug use, but it may also be diabetes related. Wow, that sounds awfully familiar.

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  • Money certainly doesn’t buy class or common sense. If a childhood friend of mine died, I would be grieving privately and not Tweeting about it for attention and sympathy from complete strangers. These girls have absolutely no sense of decorum or shame. They must be such an embarrassment to their families.

  • They weren’t actually engaged to be married, right? “Wifey” is not a term I would be throwing around after someone close to me just died, it is almost mocking in my opinion.

    I’m just a little confused at their relationship, as I’ve never heard anything about them being “engaged” or together at all..?

    • Use of “wifey” and “hubby” are so tacky.

      But yes, they were apparently “engaged”. While watching morning news there was a video that Tila streamed from her webcam or whatever with the 2 of them and she was showing off her “17” (then 10 then 7) carat ring. And some picture of her holding a gun while wearing the same ring. This all probably only took place in the last month or so.

      I wonder if the Johnson family even met her or knows of her reputation. I am sure she caused some scene about them “spending the rest of their lives together” and not being let into the hospital or some other drama filled scene.

  • Another case of too much money and being terribly bored in life. It’s very sad but it’s also a wake up call to these young, rich, self centered kids who have way too much money and no self esteem and also no direction in life.

    • THANK YOU!!! Very well said. The fact that these spoiled socialites become over indulgent and spoiled adults is no surprise. This should be a wake up call, but likely won’t be….

    • Also a wake up call to their parents who GIVE them everything, and never expect them to work for anything. Think of how differently many of these “socialites” (like it’s a profession) would turn out if the parents paid for college and upon graduation said, “Okay you’re on your own.” No allowance, no cars, no houses, nothing. Living in the real world would be just what the doctor ordered.

  • Ditto. But how do you wake anyone, rich or poor, from an addiction and low self-esteem? According to, the typical success rate of drug rehab treatments is 2% to 20%.

    And plenty of poor and middle class people of all ages get addicted too. It’s just that the rich can afford help if they decide to go for it.

  • I somehow feel sorry for Tila. It seems like she has noone to share her pain with but those people on the interwebs.

  • I ended up reading through her tweet history and it looks like Twitter was the best thing that ever happened to her. She spent an entire night updating about the same topics (her new “record label”, some big announcement [which is likely the “engagement”] and speculating about being pregnant/getting huge tits in 2010). For the whole night!

    I don’t get twitter. All the technology breeds narcissism.

  • if everyone loved her so much, why did she die alone and with her corpse undiscovered for several days? yeah, yeah, her phone was off but it’s not like people didn’t know where she lived.

    sorry but all this post death wallowing seems a bit overdone to me. care about people when they are alive, that’s the only time that it counts.

  • The wrong one out of that trio took the dirt nap. I would pay good Euros to stuff Paris Hilton’s size 13s into the south end of a coffin.

  • If I couldn’t get in touch with my significant other for days, especially on New Years Eve, I might stop tweeting long enough to find out what the hell was going on. It’s sad that scuzzy Tila Tequila will be the foot note in every story about the Johnson and Johnson offspring.

  • Upon DJ AM’s death I read some of Paris Skankton’s tweets. Honestly, one minute it was “I’m so devistated, so sad” an hour later it was like “I’m going to Vegas to party bitches”…..these celebutards I wish they would all go away, and take the famewhore wannabe known as Tila Tequilla with.

  • Why are you all so critical. A real person has died and a family and friends are grieving. Please don’t pass judgement. It’s so easy to be cruel and heartless on the internet…one day the family might read these comments. The poor girl…it doesn’t matter if it was diabetes related coma or drug OD…the poor girl is dead and passing judgement to make yourselves feel better is petty. My heart goes out to her and her family and friends. may she rest in peace