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Rihanna Heats Up With an LA Dodger

Photo via E! News

It looks like Rihanna is going to be starting 2010 with a total fresh start. Her new album “Rated R” is fantastic and she seems to have completely moved on from Chris Brown like never before. In fact, Rihanna might have a new boyfriend in LA Dodgers outfielder, Matt Kemp. The two have been together in Mexico for a few days now and the paps have already caught them making out and grabbing at each other like a couple of horny teens.

This guy might just be good enough for Rihanna, too. His nickname on the field is “The Bison” because of those huge arms and his quick speed. It will be pretty great if these two stick together. After a fairly disastrous 2009 with a horrid excuse for a man, Rihanna deserves to find the kind of guy that this Matt Kemp character seems to be.

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