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Alyssa Milano Joins the Cast of Jersey Shore

The Italian-American — who went on the record earlier this month with her distaste for my favorite TV show in the history of the world, Jersey Shore — stars in this Funny or Die video mocking our darling guidettes. The (genuinely) phenomenal Dove ad it’s based on is after the jump.

It’s kind of freaky how dead-on they are with the guidette-ing of Alyssa here. How long until videos start popping up on YouTube about how to get this look? My greatest sadness in life is that this TV show didn’t come out before Halloween, so everyone on the planet could have dressed up like Snooki. It’ll be so over by next October.

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  • good thing I WAS a guido for halloween. i was doing snooki before snooki was doing snooki. what an accomplishment

    • A bunch of idiots from New York come raid the Jersey Shore with their hair gel and “fist pumps”. They’re given a house to live in, in exchange for “working” in a store and then they go get drunk and have sex with everything that has a pulse. In a nutshell.

  • God I’m in Spain, but you’re talking so much about that show I really, really want to watch it online – and visit the place! It’s funny how you find these kind of people (fake tan, very dark, dyed hair, bling, tackiness) anywhere. They are everywhere in Europe too.

    • Thanks to crappy music industry copyright laws, iTunes restricts which countries can buy what content. In other words, a user from the iTunes Spain store can’t buy material from the US store. This is why they require you verify your account with a credit card from the country of whatever store you’re using.
      But there is a way around it using iTunes gift cards. Google that jank!

  • hahaha this is too funny, mostly because i love the original dove commercial so much and they copy it so well. but ugh i hate this show. i’m from new jersey and i swear i only know 2 people like that. just 2 out of all 55 million of us. ;)

  • there are actually videos on how to get the look…some are for real and some are jokes they’ve been up forever… most of them call it “chola” make-up

    • Wrong stereotype. Guidos are northeastern italians that act in this particular way. Cholos (as) as west coast mexicans that look like they’re in gangs

  • i get really excited when i see you’ve written anything that’s even remotely related to jersey shore. it’s replaced always sunny as the show that i spend all week being excited about the new episode of.
    and oh my god the halloween thing. that is such a huge, huge, incredibly regretable missed opportunity. a world full of snookis is my dream. please god, don’t let it be over by next year.