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Frances Bean Couldn’t Handle Her Mom’s Shit Anymore

Courtney Love and Frances Bean

It turns out that living with Courtney Love is just as horrible as you’d expect because her daughter Frances Bean Cobain had legally cut the cord. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Frances is now being looked after by a court-appointed legal guardian and her mother now has no control of her daughter’s finances or personal life. TMZ noted that Frances’ new guardians have no power over the Cobain estate that she was left when her father died. Another sad detail? Courtney didn’t even bother to show up to the court proceedings.

These cases really only come up when the current guardian is unfit to parent, and it’s widely known that Courtney Love has many issues to sort out. Frances is 17, less than a year outside of being a legal adult, and she’s been living with Courtney her entire life. Whatever happened between the two of them must have been pretty significant, as Courtney’s ability to raise a child has been called in to question Frances’ entire life.

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  • I’m sure by now the damage is done! They should have revoked custody when she was 1 and had 17 years to be raised responsibly; not at 17 with 1 year left.

  • Her new guardians are grandma Cobain and auntie Cobain. Frances Bean will be okay. Child Protective Services meant to get to Frances Bean earlier, but they’re about 17 years backed up on agency paperwork.
    This is like Kill Bill, when Uma Thurman leaves the great master after she’s learned all that she can. Frances Bean has graduated from Courtney Love’s school of life lessons.
    Frances Bean is clearly no longer in utero.

  • I remember reading years ago that she had lived with her grandmother and she had raised her most of the time. That’s probably why the kid seems pretty normal given her situation. This assures that Courtney has to keep her skank hands off the kid and the money.

  • She hasn’t lived with Courtney her entire life. Her Grandmother – Kurt’s Mother – has been her legal and physical Guardian for more years than Courtney has. There just came a point and time when Frances became curious about her Mother and wanted to spend time with her. Courtney was able to fake it well enough during that time that Frances’ Grandmother felt like it would be okay for them to spend time together.

    You know… I try so hard to enjoy this site because the writing is good… but the details and the facts suffer so badly, it’s like FOX News started a Gossip Blog. The truth is completely ignored in favor of a shortcut to entertainment.

    The details of how this girl was actually raised is so easy investigate and yet, you chose to make a blanket statement that is completely untrue.

    I know, to expect journalistic integrity from a gossip blog is stupid… its just that since it is in regards to a famous person’s life it seems so easy to check your facts! It depresses me to see such lazy assumptions being written as truth.

    I know, I know. I’m a retard and an asshole and I don’t deserve to read this blog… BLAH BLAH BLAH…

    • The parallels to FOX news are (sadly) too true! I used to love Evil Beet, but the quality has really gone downhill lately.

      I wish there was a “Like” button for your post!

      • I think the writing is mostly pretty terrible. It’s usually quite funny but the amount of mistakes that show up in any given post are frustrating to read. Don’t you bother to edit your own work? Or better yet, edit each other’s work?

        I teach grade 9 English and even they know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Very basic stuff. Apparently, Molls skipped that class.

        With Wendy now gone and Beet usually too busy to write regularly, the other writers are going to have to step up.