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What Would We Do Baby, Without Second Degree Assault & Butterfly Neck Tattoos? Sha la la laaa…

Family Ties Actor Brian Bosnall (Andy) Arrested for Assault (again)

After 30 years out of the spotlight, it’s been a busy couple of weeks for the cast of Family Ties. Last week, Mama Keaton, Meredith Baxter Birney, came out on the Today Show. This week, Brian Bonsall, who played Andy on the show, was arrested for repeatedly beating a “friend” in the head with a broken stool.

Brian Bonsall, 28, could face between two to six years in prison if convicted of the second-degree assault charge that prosecutors filed Friday. Police arrested Bonsall last week and he’s being held on $7,500 bail in Boulder.

Police say Bonsall was also wanted on a warrant for missing a court hearing in 2007 on suspicion of violating bond conditions on another case. In that case, he had been sentenced to two years of probation for assaulting his girlfriend.

Now there’s a man whose life has clearly been ruined by being a D list child star. Bonsall played Andy, the youngest Keaton kid who coagulated spontaneously from the minds of TV execs in the fourth year of the show’s run.
If all this Family Ties news has you jonesin’ for some young Michael J. Fox (rrrawr) , CBS has full episodes you can watch online.
Sha la la laaa…

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  • Is it Bonsall or Bosnall? Because the source you quoted definitely says Bonsall. And yet you typed Bosnall more than once.

    Just curious.

    • Dammit! Language Center Malfunction!! I corrected the spelling of the name and the Michael/Alex J. Fox/Keaton snaffu. Bad Kelly.

  • why am i not surprised?? back in the day, a friend and i went to see a taping of Family Ties (we waited in line AAAALL night in the freezing cold on the Gower St. in Hollywood to get in), the episode we saw filmed had quite a bit of the “Andy” character in it and MAN was that kid a little SHIT. when filming wasn’t going on, he was whiny and demanding and treated the adults HORRIBLY…ordering them around. “get me this…i want that…” just a NASTY little kid…and NOBODY would put him in check. granted, i understand he was a little kid, but he was little kid with ZERO onset discipline…looks like the sense of entitlement continued into his adulthood.

    • Man, you’ve got the super inside scoop. It’s interesting to know that maybe he started off as a dick & just wasn’t lucky enough to have anyone around to set him straight. Thanks for sharing!

  • He also played Worf’s son Alexander on ST:TNG, cute little Klingon, but I also heard he made Michael Dorn (Worf) miserable.