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Kate Hudson Giggled Like a School Girl Throughout Letterman’s A-Rod Questions

It’s definitely a pretty well known fact that Kate Hudson made Owen Wilson attempt suicide is dating New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, but last night on Letterman she dodged all of questions about their relationship and instead, just giggled. It was kind of adorable and as Letterman pointed out, she seemed exactly like her mother.

Eventually the clip starts to get awkward as Kate refuses to directly answer any of Dave’s questions. He starts to seem like her nagging uncle who wants to know about her love life and she starts to just seem… a little annoying? She spent the summer being photographed with A-Rod and attending every Yankee game and she can’t just say “Yeah, he’s my boyfriend?”

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  • oh she is SOOOO annoying! I saw her on a talk show with the other stars of the upcoming movie Nine, and she was the least articulate. Just as she is here…she seems to think that being coy and giggling is her stock in trade. boring, and awkward, as you said.

  • she completely loses self just the mention of alex rodreguez she gets into a state of giggles like those high school girls who fall inlove with the sexy dude on the football team. she pathetic and at 30 something she really lets herself down. its so obvious shes completely inlove with this man and is just basically waiting it out for him to pop the question…hell woman! show a spine and some pride in yourself.