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Jon Gosselin is So Busy He Can’t Even Make His Court Dates

Jon Gosselin

Extremely popular, much-in-demand man about town, Jon Gosselin was so busy folding his sparkly t-shirts and fighting with his equally emotionally immature girlfriend that he didn’t exactly make it to his court date today. Whoops! He’s real busy, real important. He probably had to run to the corner market and pick up a pack of Newports and then call a bunch of paparazzi to line up photo ops for the week, so it’s understandable. Somehow, the proceedings for the TLC v. Gosselin case will continue on without him.

From Hollyscoop:

Jon Gosselin was scheduled to appear in court today for a hearing in which he’s fighting TLC, the network that aired his show Jon & Kate Plus 8. However, according to the AP, Jon was a no-show today at the Maryland court.

In October, TLC sued Jon for violating his contract for allegedly making paid and unpaid TV appearances without the cable network’s permission.

His attorney Mark Heller responded to the allegations, saying, “Jon will vigorously defend against this baseless action … and we are confident that through the course of litigation it will clearly be evident that Discovery and TLC exploited, manipulated and abused the Gosselins’ vulnerability and financial hardship.”

Despite Jon’s absence today, the hearing is going forward without him. The judge says Gosselin’s lawyers don’t plan to call witnesses. Jon claims he has a right to earn a living as a media personality. He also claims in a countersuit that TLC violated Pennsylvania’s child labor laws in filming his eight children.

On the real, though, I know we say this a lot, but: this dude is a douchebagel. He’s an unemployed loser with eight children to support and he’s skipping a court date in which he is counter suing a network that he says broke child labor laws while they were filming his children. Surely if Jon is aware of the child labor laws, he has been aware of them since they’ve been filming. Everyone knows the basics of child labor laws and I sincerely doubt that any contracts were signed or meetings with lawyers were held without these laws being mentioned. His argument is so paper thin that he most likely didn’t even have it in him to show face.

I give him three months before his sex tape is released so he can cash in on that final ounce of fame before he crawls in to a dark hole and dies.

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    • lmao I know, I didn’t even read further yet because I had to comment on “Douchebagel”. It made me snort!

  • Ohhh…damn…I thought we could go a whole day without this guy’s ugly punim being thrown at us. all i ask is one day. just one.

    • if you read this site you know that you haven’t seen this jerk in quite a few days. now it’s all shit about Tiger and Gaga, the real important stuff.

      • You are right. I should have asked for many days w/o his ugly mug. Tiger? We haven’t really heard from him…have we. Wonder when he’ll show his face again.


        (it’s killing me to write about it too because I’m so disgusted by it, but it’s either Tiger or you’re getting a gallery of Hilary Duff photos from Nylon Magazine. I can’t help what the news does or like, I WOULD BE the news. You know what I’m saying.)

      • And an excellent post it is, by the way. Very much in the Polanski vein. Ugh is right. And to Diddy…please…he’s not black…he’s BLASIAN!

  • So is Jon Cauc-asian? Casian? I’m just so very tired of the universal conspiracy to call him douchebag. Can’t anyone come up with a better insult? How about blithering nincompoop? Or crashing bore? Or Biggest Loser?

    Words that should disappear now:
    Douchebag (or douche)

  • TLC is going to run Jon Gosselin into the ground, as he shut down the franchise that paid for his kids to have a nice home, great medical care, and extra help so that he and Kate could have lives and not be slaves day and night. Jon is going to pay, and pay and pay, and next time this year he is going to be infront of a judge in PA trying to answer why he is paying none of his child support. The guy is a childish loser. At least he has no interest in spending time with his kids, so that’s a bright spot for them.