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Tila Tequila is a Horrible Person AND Rihanna Has Herpes

Tila Tequila Tells The World That Rihanna Has Herpes

Bonafide ganked bitch and terrible person Tila Tequila was running her fame-hungry mouth about Rihanna on her blog last night. I guess Rihanna went on some radio show to plug her new album and wound up having to further explain her Chris Brown/assault experience, which lead to the DJs asking about Tila’s attacks on Chris which lead to Rihanna dissing Tila as politely as possible in an attempt to just get that topic over with. We’re all caught up, right?

Tila caught wind of Rihanna’s comments via her Google Alerts and then decided that the only revenge for Rihanna not being supportive of her as a woman (fuck you, Tila Tequila), would be to discuss the star’s private medical issues that she heard about second hand from a person in the singer’s camp. The “outing” went as follows:

My sources are very legit, and they work in Rihanna’s legal camp, and that is how I know! SO RIHANNA HAS HERPES, STD’S & WAS SCARED TO SPEAK OUT ABOUT IT CUZ SHE DIDN’T WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW THAT SHE HAS HERPES AND INFECTED SOMEONE ELSE WITH IT! BAD RIHANNA! So while you cascade around town, acting like yo shit don’t stink, and leading the media and your fans into thinking that you are a strong woman, and idol, well….it’s a shame you had to trick them into thinking you are, because truth is, you’re ruining other people’s lives, infecting people with your STD’s, and walking around getting praised and loving the sympathy, when really, in real life you are just a major bitch who could give 2 shits about your fans and all the people who have been supporting you! Including myself! You dont even acknowledge your fans, you know, the people who got you famous??? Yes….those people. THE FANS! The ones that I, myself, acknowledge 247 all the time because if it weren’t for my fans, I would not be here today! I love my fans, I don’t lie to my fans to make them like me more, and everyone knows it. I have my flaws, but I put it out there, and I let my fans decide on whether they agree with the things I do or not. Im real, and I don’t care what anyone has to say about me. All I do is mind my own business, and play with my fans. But since you’re still cascading around town like you’re a prefect little princess, angel…..honey I hate to burst your bubbles…..but yes….yo shit really do stink, and even worse…..yo shit has STD’s, known as HERPES, down in your private area. So…..that’s about it. Sorry I had to tell the world your DIRTY SECRET, but you left me no choice girlfriend. I knew about your secret for A VERY LONG TIME, but I never told anyone because that was not my business……but since you wanna play dirty with me……oh….you best believe I will give it to you good girlfriend! POW! Rihanna has STD’s and Herpes everyone! & that is the truth from my legit source that has told me. YIKES! So boys, be careful when u wanna tap that ass, cuz that ass will give your dick Herpes if you dont put 3 condoms over it!




Ms. Tila-You-Don’t-Fuck-With-Me-Tequila

PS-yes, I understand you have a MASSIVELY powerful team behind you such as JAY-Z and all those guys so you feel safe & keep cascading around town knowing that everything wrong you do, will be covered up. I give u props for having such a great PR FIRM. U see? This sucks that I had to call you out cuz now Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce or whoever else is on your team is gonna hate me, and that sucks cuz I LOVEEEEE Jay-Z and Beyonce! They are my heros! But I am willing to sacrifice them hating me now because of what you did. I need to be honest and stay true to who I am, and stay real with my fans. I wish you the best in your next album release. I know I will be buying it.

Well, not only is Tila probably the worst woman I can think of to run around telling other women that they are being bad women, but to tell the world she has herpes?

Disclosing anyone’s private medical information should be a crime. Wether it’s physical, mental, emotional, genital or otherwise. If Rihanna wants to go Shirley Manson on us and tell us all about her herpes, then that’s her choice and I would support her. Secondly, I do not have herpes, but I know that 60% of the adult population does . I’ve actually heard higher percentages, closer to 70 or 80, but we’ll go with 60 for argument’s sake. Not to downplay the severity of STDs and our need to prevent them, but putting someone on blast for having a condition that will eventually become the societal norm? That’s gross. That’s like making fun of babies for getting chicken pox.

And BTW, Tila? When do we get to see the results of your pap smear?

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      • ha..i was thinking that too. how many times in one blog did she feel the need to say “cascading” around town. just another mindless meth rant

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      • um 60%? 80%? maybe the oral type. MAYBE. but not genital. please cite your sources. you know how wendie and beet would by making key words into a link? yeah. i’d like to see the proof there. if herpes is a norm then i dont want to be normal.

    • Tila is just a SAD person. Have another drink and shut your mouth, its just lies and not one person believes you. Go back to the rock you crawled out from under.

  • i will not feel an ounce of sadness when this tila trash finally kicks the bucket. in fact i might throw a party… off with her head!

  • Her rant was exhuasting to read.
    The 1st thing I thought of is I’d be REALLY surprised if Tila doesn’t have the herp too.

  • I’m not wishing her ill, but this Tila Tequila fame-whoring can’t end well.
    I never imagined that someone could outdo Paris Hilton’s brand of completely vapid and useless celebrity. Congrats, Tila.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if authorities mysteriously found all 4’2″ of Tila Tequila bound & stuffed in a shoebox wearing Rocawear and Covergirl cosmetics.

  • “Really, in real life” Tila Tequila has absolutely zero relevance to society. I wish she would just go back to work at her neighborhood Coyote Ugly as the barback.

    (I apologize to barbacks for placing Tila in your realm, I’m sure y’all are much better people than she.)

  • Team Tequila. Rihanna shouldn’t have messed with her. And gross. You’d think a celebrity would be extra careful with condom usage.

    • “Team Tequila”?!?! I second the notion that you must be high. First off: get your facts straight. No matter how ‘extra careful” you are with condoms it only reduces the risk of getting herpes. Meaning(just in case you need this) it doesn’t eliminate it! Also why would a celebrity be “extra careful” versus a non-celeb?
      ‘Rihanna shouldn’t have messed with her’? Are you joking? Seriously, tell me that you are. What the heck is Tila, the mafia(or the I.R.S.)? Rihanna was asked a question and it was answered. Tila however, was not. I don’t know why anyone would take what she says seriously. For goodness sakes she called herself an angel and had a string coming out of her ‘cooch’ for the world to see. I wouldn’t say she’s a reliable source. I’m about to go on a rant so I’ll just leave it at that before I have a mild stroke.

      • Genital herpes gets passed on mostly through a. sex or b. kissing/mouth activities. To prevent this, just use a condom when having sex with a stranger and don’t let them go down on you or vise versa until both of you are checked out. Not that difficult. Condom breakage, yada yada yada excuses are rare.
        And yes, celebs should be more careful because EVERY DETAIL OF THEIR LIVES IS SCRUTINIZED, DUHHHHHH BRAINIAC








    You guys are funny, that’s for sure, but I think it’s about time you just stopped with this b*tch.

  • Well Molls, you kind of sound like you believe what Tila says… I don’t believe a word this fucking bipolar bitch says.

    • I have heard this Rihanna herpes story for about a year. I heard it when the Chris Brown thing first went down, actually. However, I think it’s beside the point. If she has herpes, she has herpes. I’m sure she’s responsible about it and has the means to treat it.

  • Wow, if you’re going to insult somebody, how about learning to use proper grammar? I can’t help but laugh when all these people insult others using “yo” and terms like that. You can’t take them seriously!

  • My favorite part of Tila’s ridiculous statement:

    A P.S. (that’s short for Post Script and generally means a quick, concise addition you forgot to put into your main letter/note/whatever) that is nearly as long as the rant itsef…and just repeats the same shit all over again.

    Hahahaha :)!

  • a huge percentage of the population has herpes because there are 2 types, type 2 is cold sores, type 1 is the nasty. only about 5 percent have type 1

  • Tila Tequilla is an idiot. She shows the entire world her vag and yet Rihanna is the gross one ?! She sounds like a twelve year old here, not to mention it’s pretty ironic she’s so anti-Rihanna since a couple weeks ago she faked being domestically abused just to get a piece of Rihanna-like attention.
    Man, she pisses me off.

    • Thank you! That’s exactly what I was thinking! And Rihanna didn’t even say something so bad, she only mentioned like two lines about her or something like that.

  • Re: “Secondly, I do not have herpes, but I know that 60% of the adult population does .” Where in the hell did you get this statistic? I don’t even believe the more commonly published one of 20 – 25%. It’s still way too high to be credible or realistic.

    • I’m glad someone else realized that 60% of the population does not have herpes, that’s absurd. I think they were thinking about HPV that causes genital warts.

  • This is what High School girls do on Facebook when they don’t like someone – accuse them of having STDs. This woman is extremely sick in her head and needs psychological help.

  • 60% of the population does not have herpes! Where is your source of information?? You are totally stupid!

    • I’ve heard that too. I’ve heard it as high as 2/3 has herpes. They just never have symptoms, but they carry the virus.

      • The virus which causes chicken pox, varicella-zoster, is a member of the herpes virus family. The same virus also causes herpes zoster (shingles in adults) and it stays in the body a long time. Perhaps this strains of herpes has been conflated with herpes simplex 1 and 2, which cause genital and mouth sores, to make this statistic?


  • I think that she is telling the truth. that bitch probably had a disease and gave it to chris brown and he beat her ass 4 that. I would if someone did. now rihanna is going around talkn about she strong and shyt but where was her strength wen Chris was kicking her ass?? im sorry im nt being a hater bt rihanna is full of SHIT!!!! and needs to tell the truth! she jus picked a story that everybody thought was the reason and went with it. LAME ASS BITCH!!!!!

    • oh, no one here would accuse you of being a hater… maybe a driveling, insipid, sexist. where was her strength when chris brown was kicking her ass? is this really a serious question? fuck you. rihanna “going around talkn about she strong and shyt” is an entirely different kind of STRENGTH than the muscle power to fend off someone who is intent to beat you unrecognizably. i think we all saw the picture of her face.

    • you must be someone from Tila’s camp. no one in their right mind is defending that coked-out delusional asian leprechan. fuck her right in her tiny little tore up hemroid infested asshole.

      • sorry d.i. – not you! nice response there by the way. i however choose to respond like an immature prick (hey “u KnoitzReaL”, we have something in common! :D).
        sorry all – it’s the irish temper in me…

  • i think tila should just shut up cuz wat she did just proves that shes a bad friend if u cant kept a secret. So whoever is her friend WATCH OUT !!!! cuz if u do something by accident that she doesnt like she goin to get u back she aint nothin but a slut. So shutup tila cuz i am wit team rihanna, beyonce, & Jay-z i love u rihanna no matter if u aint have no legs or arms through thick & thin U IS MY GURL !!

  • I think you’ve confused Herpes with HPV. A LOT more people have HPV than Herpes. Herpes is another story.

  • Yeah, I’ve never read of genital herpes being that prevalent. It is probably ill-advised to throw numbers around like that. Are you sure you’re not thinking of HPV?

  • Herpes is extremely prevalent, a lot more than you folks know so you all need to research and get the facts so that you don’t get the Herpes

  • WTF!!! really? I read all the blog she wrote, she is so rude!! and the last part the “note” to chris brown what is that?? I mean poor tila. she is just trying to get attention

  • she said that she was minding her own business but what she is talkin about now is none of her business, and since when did tila have any fans i didnt even know who she was til she got that stupid bisexual show on vh1

  • hahaha that part about she didnt said anything sounds like “mean girls” i didnt say anything before, because Im such a good friend! ha ha lol

  • What’s worse, posing naked online to remove your tampon with the whole world watching or having herpes and getting your ass beat by your thug bf? Me thinks they’re all trash.

  • Well, I guess Tila won’t be getting any awards for class anytime soon, what stupid attention whore!

  • p.s. Tila is so dumb she can’t figure out that poor RiRi didn’t even say anything bad about her to warrant such a tasteless ‘outing’ (not an outing at all) what a dumb ass skanky bitch she’s worse than Paris. At least Paris doesn’t puposefully put her twat on display and talk meaningless shit about others for no reason. I have to say, compared to Tila, Paris truly is very classy. lol =)

  • Tila is such a stupid whore she didn’t even realize that poor RiRi didn’t even say anything negative about her to warrant such a tastless and mean ‘outing’ which it wasn’t because it was just mean rumors and lies that she said to hurt her. She’s worse than Paris Hilton, At least Paris doesn’t blatantly(and purposefully) put her twat on display and talk shit about others in public, and for no reason nonetheless. PAris is a little angel and the epitome of class compared to trashy ass Tila Tequila! When are her 15minutes gonna be up already?!

  • tila is evil. but i think she’s probably right. chris brown and his camp were all like, we know the real truth blah blah more to the story blah blah.. i bet this is it!!!

  • Did anyone notice the last 2 sentences of the P.S.? “I wish you the best in your next album release. I know I will be buying it.” Does that make sense, compared to the rest of her rant? Or is that her failed attempt at sarcasm?

  • To me, it sounds like Tila reached out to Rihanna to be friends (or something more…) and Rihanna did the right thing and rejected her!!

    Soon Tila is gonna be saying that Rihanna gave HER diseases.

    Ugh, I can’t stand TT.

  • tila is a retard honest to god
    even if rihanna does have std’s, so what? So does paris hilton
    and yet she seems to fuck around with no issue.
    if anything chris brown probably gave it to her.

  • I know I didn’t take her seriously before, but now all I can think of when I read a post about her, all I can think is, “TAMPON STRING!” That image is burned into my mind.

  • Well actually besides the herpes, Rihanna is actually a bitch. I’ve had first hand experience with that!


    there is a lot more to the blog. I guess tila is maf that rhianna accused her of drinking alcohol and that’s what set her off
    They only took a small clip of the blog and that clip is the worst written and makes Tila look like a idiot coke head. While I don’t agree with what Tila did, I don’t think she is an idiot the way it seems from this excerpt. I think she like most let grammar and etiquette slide when they get pissed off.

    • Uh, it’s a pretty big “clip.” And I don’t think anybody’s really criticizing her grammar or spelling, it’s been obvious for a long time that she has a very low level of intelligence. Tila just goes on and on ripping someone apart for no good reason, that is why she is a horrible person. Girl needs some serious mental help, she is evil and completely nuts! She is also a compulsive liar, so I really don’t believe a single word she says. I laughed out loud when she said she doesn’t lie to her fans to get them to like her. HA! That’s EXACTLY what she does, all the time, because she is an attention whore.

  • who the hell is tila??? no seriously people! is she really famous? because i’ve never heard of her! hahaha honestly! where are her fans??? lol she cracks me up! lmao

  • Well, I have herpes (a parting gift from my daughter’s father). It is embarrassing to say the least and I eventually had to find a support group to learn to deal with the damage to my sexual and psychological health. That being said outing someone like that is deplorable & says more about Tila than Rhianna. We don’t really know if she has Herpes or not. If she does and to be so young, it’s sad but with education and medication and honesty life returns to normal. Tila has only ‘proven’ is she’s a small, vindictive tramp with no career except of her jaunt into soft porn (reality tv show) instead of small, tramp with no career except of her jaunt into soft porn (reality tv show). What a pathetic little idiot. What fans is she speaking of?? They certainly haven’t shown up here.

  • Actually, the number of people who have herpes in the US is closer to 20%, or in other words 1 in 5 people, and of that amount 80% are unaware they have it. You are probably thinking of the virus HPV that can cause genital warts (which are different than herpes), a large percentage of young adults get HPV, but it usually goes away on its own, but not usually without leaving someone with genital warts or even cervical cancer.

    • Cold sores are a type of herpes and that’s where the 60% number comes from. People are so stupid they think the sexually transmitted variety is the same thing, it isn’t. Little kids get cold sores!

      • Ok, herpes is herpes and the debate between cold sores on or around your mouth or on your gentialia is really ridiculous. An open festering sore on your face or lower regions is pretty much the same thing (ask a doctor) and can be passed from the mouth to the gentials and vice versa. So really who cares. At the end of the day, EITHER way you have a disease that you will have forever, no cure, just treatments to manage it and can spread it easily. And yes, children get them from stupid adults who have active cold sores themselves and kisses a child or baby. I have a friend who dated a girl with mouth herpes..he refused to kiss her or have intercourse with her until that sore was finito. I don’t think these ppl should be treated terribly…like TruthHurts, they got infected by some jerk but they do need to be HONEST about their status.

  • You know, I was going to lament that posts about Tila Tequila bring out too many trolls and half-illiterate morons in the comments, but I will put up with it if it means I get to read phrases like “bonafide ganked bitch” on a regular basis. Love it!

  • sooo as much as I think its pathetic that tila goes around blabbing about riris herpes, she has a point. rihanna is a fuckin bitch, and doesnt give a rats ass about her fans. she is a pathetic. she crawled right back into the arms of an abuser and didnt leave until she realized it would finanically affect her. now shes tramping her boobies all around, tryin to give off the impression that she is such a hard strong independent women, when in reality she is none of those things. her album is wack, and she is an IDIOT for defending CB. tila is right… rihanna set a bad example and becuz of her bad example ppl are going to care less about domestic violence, when they should. tila may be a lil blunt with her words but she is on to something, and i give her credit for putting herself out there, even when she knows ppl who are 10x more famous than her are going to fight back. kudos to u tila for not accepting the domestic violence u were subjected to and standing up for women around the world.

  • i don’t like rihanna….she tries to act like she’s such a strong woman…HELLO she went back to him! she only dumped him because it was getting bad for her image! she’s a dumb bitch and i’m not surprised that she has an STD, if she does.

  • Man. Where to start. *sigh*

    OK; lets go with some definitions first: when discussing Herpes, as someone mentioned above, we are commonly referencing Herpes Simplex 2.

    In the general population; as the CDC data shows; the American gender neutral Non-Hispanic, Non-Black Population’s infection rate is around 16%.

    In American Blacks (again gender neutral), this rate is 41%.

    This data is current as of 2004.

    The only group that would be likely to have Herpes in America (> 50%) would be the CDC grouping of 40 to 49 Blacks at ~58%.

    You can google CDC STD Surveillance if you want to examine the charts for yourself.

    As for Human Papillomavirus; the overall infection rate for females (male data unavailable) is ~26%. The HPV rate that is preventable by vaccine (as very few of the strains are) is 3.6%. Race/ethnic breakdown wasn’t listed in the report.

    The overall cascade chance of Rihanna, therefore, being a sexually active moderate-risk black female would be in excess of 100% if taken as a yearly aggregate and the female had multiple sexual partners or a promiscuous partner.

    Her chance of having Herpes as so described above is right at 38%.

    However, given what I know of Tila, I’d guess her chances are higher.

    As for condom use and protecting against Herpes; Herpes is spread by the contact of an active skin lesion and/or sexual fluid of an infected partner. The lesions can appear over the entire sexual area and are prominent under normal body hair areas in the pubic region.

    Transmission can occur through skin contact with an infected partner’s pelvic region.

    A condom will protect an individual from most of the fluid infection, but is obviously useless for skin to skin infection.

    The cheery thing is a majority of Herpes-infected individuals will be asymptomatic after the first few years. They are still perpetually able to infect others though.

    • I think those statistics are skewed. Most whites have the mouth herpes – which they aren’t tested for or the numbers would reflect differently for sure. Of the blacks I know (not a large #) none have cold sores/herpes. Out of the whites I know and dated nearly half have them have mouth herpes or as a friend or multiple family members with them. Still if a person has the mouth herpes and goes down on you and get mouth herpes on your gentalia…it’s cold consolation that you have mouth herpes not gential herpes. At the end of the day, you have open sores.

      • Dunno. The CDC doesn’t record HSV-1 statistics because they’re very difficult to obtain.

        However, in every case the chance of blacks having an STD ,where tested and data available, is several times higher than in the non-hispanic, non-black population. (That annoying division is because they lumped, for whatever reason, asians, pacific islanders, and native americans in the same category.)

        HSV-1 doesn’t express (meaning have active lesions or shedding) as often or as aggressively as HSV-2, apparently.

        Also, HSV-1 (the kind that commonly causes cold sores) has an unknown but thought very low rate of transmission oral to genital transmission.

        As for prevalence, HSV-1 in the US has an increasing expression in the population with a very large number (50% to 80% depending on the research and the age of the human) having only 1 or 2 episodes in their lifetime.

        Since the corpus of data is incomplete, any decision is impossible.

        Additionally, it is possible to have an HSV-2 infection in the oral area. (HSV-1 is thought of as oral/genital herpes and HSV-2 is thought of as genital/oral herpes.)

        Although, my experience seems to be like yours; I’m thinking that cold sores show up on lighter skin than darker.

        Women are 4x to 8x more likely to have HSV-1 or HSV-2 than males. I’m assuming this is because the majority of infections arise from contact with mucous membranes and females naturally have a larger surface area genitally.


    She rants about rihanna and the herps some more on her ustream page. She’s so annoying. My favorite part in the video is when she tells everyone that if their going to have sex with rihanna to wear 1000 comdoms and then she says “I don’t have any beef with rihanna, it’s over, I’m on vacation” and then starts telling everyone to go to google and google rihannas herpes.

  • Tila’s an attention seeking whore, who probs had herpes longggggg before Rihanna did! You can tell just by looking at her that her shit stannnnnks!! What a hypocrite! Hahaha it makes me laugh that she’s adressing Jay.Z and Beyonce like they actually give a fuck about who she is! She is barely D list! How many std’s did she pass around whilst filming a “shot of love”.What a bint.

  • Like it makes a difference to Rihannas world if Tilas skany arse doesn’t buy her albums haha. How many millions of fans does Rihanna have that will?? Haha look how successful Tilas music career is i mean she’s always number one in the U.k charts BAHHAHA. No one over here knows who the fack she is! Or maybe they do, she’s known as the slutty girl off the late night Mtv show that no one watched haha!

  • tila tequila better hope this is true because if it’s not she can be sued for defamation. her ass is better off in jail anyway…maybe there she can be a super star….pathetic!

  • Tila is a bitch! She doesn’t know what Rihanna has been through! If Rihanna does have an STD it’s a personal matter and totally not Tila or anyone else’s business. All I have to say Tila is that KARMA IS A BITCH and we are all going to wait for the day when it slaps you in the face and you get herpes not just down there but up there too in the mouth so that whole world will know AND see that you have herpes. Mind your fucking business.

  • Isn’t it a given that Tila Tequilla is a walking petrie dish of STD’s herself? As if this assclown should be tossing stones at anyone!!

    Dear NASA – can we the good readers of Evil Beet please nominate Tila Tequilla and Paris Hilton to be launched into orbit in some rocket destined to burn up in the atmosphere upon re-entry? Please??? PLEASE????

  • This is the only way Tila can get attention? Sad. She is jealous her reputation is just a flat out whore and Rihanna is a gorgeous talented woman. Seriously, most people don’t know you Tila and everyone knows Rihanna, and knows her positively! You’re name is associated negatively. I hope you get sued Tila, like you have enough money to be sued….
    Pointing out someone else has STD’s doesn’t mean everyone else forgot you do. This blog just proves you have way too much time on your hands and that YO SHIT STANKS! Skank. Karma Karma Karma
    Have fun trying to work your way up from the Z list

  • Tila said Rihanna have medical report about she got r not STD r Herpes than why not gets it’s over with reliable test. Having Tyra Bank to go with her per se – others too.

    Frank Yee
    Sunday, December 06, 2009
    9:15:36 PM

  • If all this Tila bitch does is ‘mind her own business’ then why is she cascading her ignorance all over the internet? FFS woman, get a damn dictionary, and learn a word, before using it as inanely as humanly possible. If anyone is a disease filled bag of pus, Tila is. lol. Waste of skin.

  • lol. Rihanna lovers have to admite she’s the one that putting Tila in the spotlight. If yalls hatting Tila so much, yalls have to hate Rihanna for bringing up her name.

    both them hot bitshes are in this togather?

    • HOLLA !!! showing love for both haters hha, but god dont be starting shizz rihanna, brought in on yo self!! CHECK IT!

      NAVY Miss Tila, ..and rihanna :) LOVE

    && WHO THE FUCK ARE U???.
    DUMB ASS SMUT ;; !



  • Tila gives a bad name to migit trannies every where. i apologize for offending the little people and trannies every where w this comparison but it had to be done lmao

  • You want to know the truth about Tila that she dont want anyone knowing. She was a high paid whore before she used her computer to collect friends on myspace and get attention. I was a dancer at a strip club called Tootsies Caberet in Miami Florida. Tila would fly there and work secretly. NOthing wrong with stripping if you stick with stripping she didnt. A good friend of mine walked out of a champagne room where she was offered money for extra’s. So if this crazy nut job wants to put people on blast lets take a good look at her past. A stripper who always crossed the line for more money aka a prostitute. So this nut job wants to start a gossip blog why dont she start with all the Johns she served up at Tootsies before she got her infamous status. Hey if she wants to put everyone on blast she needs to first start with herself. Do your homework this is true.

  • Riri was talking shit about Tila, so Tila retaliated. Understandable. If you have dirt on someone, its not against the law to throw it. ;) Blame Riri’s LEGAL TEAM, not TILA.

    Wow, This is so crazy.
    Although Tila totally exploded Rhianna’s shyt, I kinda agree with her.
    I mean I’m not really taking sides on this cause Rhianna is a really chill person and I LOVE TILA T <3 So yeah, although that was pretty low of Tila to spread the word like this, i still love and support her (:

    And according to the whole thing Rhianna did start it by talking smack
    about Tila.

  • Naw she telln the truth Rihanna a sex slave n loves the devil she wishn she could take it back tho 2 late honey Rihanna sayn something n her music backwards some sanatic sh**… dats why everybody n love wit her….if dats how u want the fame n money go head she aint no angel everybody sins..

  • Why is everyone getting so mad at Tila? I mean put yourself in her position if Rihanna had said that shit about you, & you had this kind of dirt on her, you would probly tell everyone too! & so what if she was a stripper & did a little extra, everyone has done something there not proud of. It’s life, get the fuck over this shit. Tila is aboustly beatiful, so why dosen’t eveyone just $tfu already, & stay out of Tila , & Rihanna’s bussiness. Beside’s if Rihanna would of kept her mouth shut, then Tila would have never had a reason to talk shit.



  • Rihanna started, she should have acted with some class and kept her mouth shut instead of unnecessarily insulting people. But I forgot Rihanna stopped having class a long time ago…. now all she does is sing about getting boned like the whore she is.

  • Lmao that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! Half of people have genital herpes? Go back to high school kid

  • Is there any women who work with Jay-Z who don’t end up with herpes by the time it’s done? Just look at the list and decide for yourself. Seems the old-fashioned audition is alive and well on his studio sofa.