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Hilary Duff Kissing For The Cameras On Gossip Girl

“I was a little hesitant. It was kind of close to home? then I realized, I would never say something [that Olivia says] like, Oh, this is just for the cameras. I think thats what makes me so different from some of the other people my age. It seemed for a time there were people who hated each other and I knew they hated each other but they were in pictures together all the time, smiling and throwing their arms around each other. I was like, Youre in the same business I am how can you do that and feel okay I so wouldnt do that.”

– Hilary Duff, to Nylon Magazine on taking the role of Olivia Burke

Can you guess who she’s talking about?

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  • What is she talking about in that quote?

    How does that reference to Britney at fucking all?

    Trying to stir shit up when Hilary said that she’s a big fan.