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LOL @ The Nick Jonas Solo Tour

Nick Jonas and The Administration Album Cover

I can’t stop giggling about this. Ready? OK. So, Nick Jonas is temporarily breaking off from his brothers to do a solo album/tour. And when they’re on that tour the band is going to go by the name “The Administraton”. So Nick Jonas is going on a “Nick Jonas and The Administration” solo tour. That’s funny, right? I’m not crazy am I?

Also, check the name of his solo album in the photo above. “Who I Am”. Oh man, that’s rich, right? You know who you are Nick? Are you confident in your being and now you’re ready to step out of the band with your brothers and just “do you”? That’s fucking awesome. Please let me know how you figured that out. I’d pay the price of a concert ticket to find out the answers to my life’s questions, and this kid apparently has it all figured out. I should just be listening to more Nick Jonas. Solo. With the the Bros he’s not himself.

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  • according to my little 8 year old cousin (b/c those are the only people who listen to that music) he’s been on broadway since he was a kid and also write all their music. he’s the talent of the family, i guess. the pretty boy singer is just the looks.

  • Oops…..typo alert. It appears the album should have said “Nick Jonas & the menstruation”. Sorry for the confusion.

  • The JoBros are like the New Kids on the Block (or is it NKOTB?) saga through 92 compressed into a year. I imagine there are plenty more name changes, solo albums and comebacks on the horizon. Now if we could just get a little more scandal, I might start caring.

  • IMO it’s not true that he’s the most talented brother.

    The “pretty” one – Joe – is also the best performer live. I’ve seen them like a dozen times over the last two years.

    This side project sucks. Ruining everything.

    • Joe is totes gay.
      not that there’s anything wrong with that!
      but seriously, folks.
      these guys…
      all 3 of them…
      suck fucking ass.
      molls i love you.

    • thanks for your insight, however,i’m concerned that you’ve seen the Jonas brothers over a dozen times in TWO YEARS

  • god, he’s such a tool. just look at that fucking picture. i wish he was at least good looking so i could forgive some of his douchebagishness.
    but guys, don’t mock too much. nick jonas needs to be free to be nick jonas.

  • How the Fuck is thatfunny? Don’t use aswear word in the same sentence as his name. U all suck Pete wentzs ballsack. If u hate of course)

  • And s shut ur fucking mouth he’s a million times better than u, u cud never amount the awesomeness in one strand of his hair, u douchefuck. How bout u look at ur self u think u own the comment box,u think ur the shit , but really ur just SHIT

    • AAAHAHAAHAHHA… omg this is hilarious… just the fact that you spelled ‘could’ as ‘cud’ just tells me that you are no older than like 14 lol

  • You guys really need to give him a chance. He’s trying to break out of his Disney image. Sort of. Just listen to the cd I promise you will be surprised at how good it is.