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Pete Doherty Loves Him Some Nazi Stuff

Pete Doherty

I used to harbor this weird crush on Pete Doherty for the longest time. There’s just something so hot about a strung out British boy, if you ask me. Look, I’m single right now. Everything I’ve said so far isn’t an indication of why, than you’re probably single too. Anyway, so I used to love Pete Doherty and then he kept getting arrested for smack (to the point where it wasn’t even cute anymore) and then over the weekend? Over the weekend, you guys? He got booed off stage at a music festival for singing a Nazi anthem.

From the Telegraph:

The lead singer of rock band Babyshambles began singing ‘Deutschland, Deutschland über alles’, which was used as the national anthem under the Third Reich.

An outraged crowd at the on3 music festival in Munich began booing and shouting, but Doherty carried on singing five more songs before festival organisers ushered him from the stage.

The concert was also being broadcast live on Bavarian radio. Broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk cut the broadcast as soon as Doherty, a surprise guest at the music festival, began his song.

‘Deutschland über alles’ is the first verse of ‘Deutschlandlied’, a song written by Joseph Haydn in 1797. The third verse of ‘Deutschlandlied’ is used as the current German national anthem, and has the same tune as ‘Deutschland über alles’.
However, the first verse has not been officially sung since the Second World War because of its association with the Nazis. Its opening lyrics translate as: “Germany, Germany above anything/Above everything in the world”.

Supposedly this isn’t even the first time Pete’s shown his anti-semitic side, either:

It is not the first time Doherty, the former lead singer of The Libertines, has been embroiled in Nazi-themed controversy. A track entitled ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ on The Libertines, the band’s 2004 album, attracted criticism for taking its name from the slogan placed above the entrances of Nazi concentration camps.

It’s not just LA, folks. That’s not the only reason you can’t find a half decent man. Even the amazingly talented former super babes are junkies who hate the Jews and God knows who else. I just can’t roll with that.

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  • His skin is GREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes…..he is absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!

  • The lyrics to albeit macht frei:

    Roll a gasper
    The guard said he could stay alive
    But he has to shovel
    And burn his people to die
    And the gate read:
    Arbeit Macht Frei
    In her rollers
    And a gasper
    Cleaning the steps in a mean street
    Where no policeman walks the beat
    For her husband
    her old man
    He don’t like blacks or queers
    yet he’s proud he beat the nazis? – how queer…

    Pete Doherty is not anti-semetic, he was pointing out the ironies of the british bulldoy attitude. Research before posting is always appreciated

  • Ohhh molls, you’ve won my heart. I got excited to see a post about Pete Doherty and even more excited when I saw that you thought he was hot too. I used to LOVE Pete Doherty and his gaunt cheeks and emaciated, coked-out body. He used to be such a sexy BAMF. It was like I had my very own Sid Vicious, since I’m too young to have appreciated Sid while he was alive. I thought I was the only one who used to be attracted to him but I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

    • wow, seriously? do you have that same coked out body? yuck i think i got stupid just reading your comment

  • and just to put something to the research thing: haydn composed the music and not the lyrics. The lyrics are by von Fallersleben who wrote them when he was in exile-so it might be a little understandable that he dreamed about his home country…timewise wayyyyy before the 3rdReich. As nearly everything, they just abused the lyrics with the result that they now not only “not used” but they are forbidden here.
    Sorry for the history lesson, but I think something like that should be put down correctly.

  • Looks like homeboy needs another trip to the dentist. But, I suppose it’s hard to hide your black pointy teeth when you are a demon spawn.

  • i’m totally with you on the whole strung-out-british-boys-are-hot thing. strung out guys in general really, all pale and skinny with those dark, baggy junkie eyes. but now he just looks gross. look at his mouth. ew.

  • I don’t like pete docherty… not even slightly. but it was an accident. the german national anthem has 3 verses and only the 3rd is used now, it’d be the same situation if the US national anthem had another verse written b4 the civil war about how much better white people were. or the British national anthem which has additional verses about crushing the scots.