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Kelly Cutrone Said The F-Word on Fox News!

Kelly Cutrone Drops F-Bomb on TV

I worked on getting you guys an embed of this video for a bit, but I don’t think it’s going to work so just watch it here for right now.

Kelly Cutrone, the high powered lesbian/fashion empress we wish we all were deep down, totally, majorly said “fucking” on Fox News today whilst simultaneously dissing her co-star on The City, Olivia Palermo. Ugh. I live for this shit.

This is how it went down. Kelly was on to promote The City or something and the interviewer asks her how she feels about Olivia and Kelly said the following:

“I like Olivia as a person, I really do. I’ve known her for a really long time and I know her family. I think that her work ethic is way too elevated and way too lofty.”

OK, well done. That’s kind of backhanded, but we all know where she’s coming from. “I don’t wanna diss the bitch because she’s a family friend, but she sucks to work with.” Then the interviewer asks her to clarify her statement and…

“I mean that when you’re in your 20s and you are in a prestigious place like Elle Magazine, and someone like Erin is trying to help you, you better leave your f***ing attitude at the door, right?”

Damn, Cutrone! Not only is that too true, but you just dropped the F-bomb on Fox News to get your point across.

This is why Kelly Cutrone is a goddess, you guys. She’s so unhinged yet zipped up that she’s going to swear in the middle of a Fox News interview that most seasoned pros would still be on their “Sunday dinner behavior” for. Love her forever.

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  • Good Lord molls, it sounds like you are getting so wet talking about this woman you are going to have to change your panties.

  • As if the fashion industry values hard work over being rich and thin. Please.

    I go back and forth about Olivia. She’s elitist and spoiled, but I think we all would be if we were raised in her lifestyle. But when she deals with other people, she is always civil. You absolutely can’t say the same thing about Erin, who is just a snot. Erin takes every opportunity to backstab Olivia, even though her boss has told her repeatedly to show Olivia “the ropes”.

    Also, Olivia didn’t get hired for her work ethic. Aside from the show, she’s there because she has a lot of contacts in fashion. Elle is using her, she knows it. But she’ll get some experience and a promotion and she’ll have a team of Erins working for her soon.

    Kelly likes Erin because Kelly WAS Erin. They have the same personality.

    • Quite accurate. I don’t get why everyone seems to hate Olivia but every single episode I see, Erin’s the real bitch at Elle. She’s always micromanaging and “keeping an eye” on Olvia and often tries to get her fired. Yet, Olivia seems to get almost all the flak. Well, from the viewers anyway.

    • This. I’m pretty sure she’s married to Ronnie Cutrone. And I thought they had a daughter. Google doesn’t say anything about lesbians or a divorce.