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Fergie Studied Italian Women to Learn How to Play a Prostitute


Whorin’ don’t come easy to Fergie. When she auditioned for the role of prostitute Saraghina in Nine— the film adaptation of the musical based on Frederico Fellini’s 8 1/2 that’s due out on December 19th– she claims she studied hours of footage of Italy’s “leading ladies” to learn how to act like a prostitute.

“I watched all the Fellini films and studied Italian actresses; how they walked and how they spoke with their hands. Whenever I would sit down, I would never cross my legs because that’s not how Saraghina would sit; she wasn’t a lady. I would walk in a different physicality than I use myself. I tried to become Italian, I tried to become Saraghina.”

I’m not sure that not crossing your legs when you sit down is what it takes to “become Itallian.” I’m also not sure that’s an appropriate use of the word “physicality,” but who am I to argue with someone who’s such a good speller. (Tastey).

The film (that I never heard of until today) also stars Daniel “you can drink my milkshake any” Day Lewis, Nicole Kidman, and Sophia Loren.

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  • you haven’t heard of it??? it looks brilliant!! The role of Guido was originated on Broadway by, I believe, Raul Julia and was later reprised by Antonio Banderas.

    The film has not only the women you mentioned, but Marion Cotillard, Judi Dench, Kate H udson and Penelope Cruz.

    It looks amazing!!

    btw, I think she’s just a poor speaker and meant that she studied Italian idiosyncracies AND then used them the way an italian prositute might’ve (like sitting with her legs open AND using her hands to talk a lot) lol

    • I may have read something about it before now (I vaguely recall something about Nicole Kidman playing his “muse”) but it didn’t pique my interest. I haven’t seen any previews for it.

  • “Whorin’ don’t come easy to Fergie”.

    Kelly, shouldn’t you have put a question mark at the end of that first sentence?

  • People who are are not up with what’s going on should not be writing for a gossip web site. There are several of you here and I guess it explains why everythging here is always so behind the news.

  • fergie is such a good casting based on the 8 1/2 saraghina character! and i recommend youtube-ing the nine trailer.. she sings “be italian.” who knew she could actually sing?
    i am so excited for this movie! (with the exception of kate hudson)

  • When did this chick become an actress???? Last time I checked, she couldn’t even sing well. Stick to one thing and be good at it.

  • Well, Italian men cross their legs all the time. What gives? Also, I’d be careful about not confusing Italian whores with Italian women in general.

  • I’m not too sure if Sophia will appreciate the remarks this racist movie cast member anymore. Fergie already represents classless hooker example world around? OH yeah, the hands.. she needed to use the ITALIAN hand signs and spread her legs a lot..

  • If she had to spend ANY time learning the ways of a prostitute, it’s no wonder her husband cheats on her.

  • Fergie learned to be a prostitute when she was fucking her drug dealer for crack cocaine. My guess is that during her time climbing the fame ladder Fergie had plenty of chances to work on her prostitute role. I bet she’s perfect for the part.