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More Miley Trauma: She Orders Lunch, Isn’t Recognized


Page Six printed this little gem this morning.  It was the equivalent of getting an extra sugar cube in my tea.  God, I hope it’s true:

Miley Cyrus is famous, but there are still some people out there who’ve never heard of “Hannah Montana.” When Cyrus and a friend came into the Pop Burger on East 58th Street and ordered, the counter manager asked for her name to mark the order. She snapped back, “Are you serious? You don’t recognize me? I’m Miley Cyrus.” The counterman still had no clue who she was, ran her credit card with her name on it and shrugged, “That’s nice for you. Here is your order. Have a good day.”

I know, I know … I like Miley now that I’ve learned that she hates the Twilight hype, but can you imagine being 17 — yesterday was Miley’s birthday which means 364 more days before I can unleash my full-strength venom  — and being astounded that the burger clerk doesn’t recognize you?  I must, must, must meet this cashier!  He needs his own line of jeans or a television series or something.  Get this man a book deal!

There’s no doubt in my mind that this actually happened, but isn’t Miley a little short in the tooth for all this “Don’t You Know Who I Am?”-ing?  She really needs to save this behavior for a little bit later in life … like, post-rehab and pre-Playboy spread.

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  • Oh geez, you believe that she doesn’t like Twilight because she said she doesn’t like Twilight? What she doesn’t like is Twilight (and its entire case, including Taylor Lauter who is dating one of Miley’s friends–Taylor Swift) getting all the attention instead of her.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible for someone not to like Twilight. What I am saying is that I’d bet anything that she’d like it if she were the star… or if she were dating one of the stars.

    I just find it interesting that back in December she was interviewed by my local radio station morning show and she was in the middle of the third book. Of course, now that Twilight is bigger than Hanna Montana and Taylor Swift is bigger than Miley Cyrus, she thinks it’s dumb.

    Don’t be fooled by her Wendie! She’s an entitled teenage twat, and nothing should make you like her for that.

  • ha ha ha ha ha! knocked her down a notch, jeesuz, what she thinks she’s madonna or something? lol not everyone has a computer or tv (bombarded with images of her) I esp like his response of, “That’s nice for you, have a nice day.” lol I hope he actually knew who she was and was playing dumb, that would be even more funny.

  • Oh my GOD!!

    she’s just a little girl trying to have all the attention, that in fact she doesn’t deserve. I’m from Portugal and the only reason I know her isn’t for her show ’cause I don’t see it but it’s simply because I’m an informed person, and that’s all.

    She did nothing yet no be recognized. Stop being a foolish girl, damn it.

  • “Welcome to the land of fame, excess; am I going to fit in?” Oh, I think you’re fitting in just fine.

  • These young stars need a reality check and to realize that their fame is based in a world of kids under the age of 20. Seriously, how many of our fathers would recognize someone like the Jonas Brothers if they saw them walking on the street? I know mine wouldn’t.

  • a friend of mine was at her soundcheck at the concert today and apparently delicate ms. cyrus got a speeding ticket. she was super pissed bc the cop didn’t recognize her.

    apparently homegirl isn’t as famous as she thought!

  • Geeze, you would think that being a country girl, she would be a little more polite to people. She looks like all of the other teen singing/acting “It” girls out there. If someone isn’t on the internet or watching tv very much, I can see why they don’t recognize her.

    Bet they would be pissed if they said “OMG Billy Rays daughter!!!! I loooove Billy Ray, can I get his autograph?” after she said her name. :P