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Dad of MJ Molestation Accuser Dies


Evan Chandler, the 65 year old father of the now 29 year old that accused Michael Jackson of molestation in the early 90’s is dead.  Chandler was a wealthy Beverly Hills dentist who reported Jackson to Santa Barbara authorities in 1994, claiming that his son had been molested by the singer during sleepovers.

Michael’s attorneys eventually settled with the Chandler family for $22M.  The son, Jordan, has never spoken about the case due to a non-disclosure agreement, but I wonder if he’s still bound by that contract now that both of the involved parties are dead.  In any case, Jordan became estranged from his father after Evan reportedly attacked him with a dumbbell back in 2006.

After the case was settled, Evan Chandler reportedly had many plastic surgeries to change his appearance in an effort to hide from unhappy Michael Jackson fans.

The former dentist appears to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and did not leave a suicide note.  He did have prescription medicines in his home that indicated that he was suffering from a serious illness.

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  • creepiest hand ever!
    i almost made a comment about it being some dead guy’s hand… then i realized how that could be really inappropriate now.

  • It is a dead guys hand. This photo was taken on 10-10-09 after MJ clawed his way out of the grave. He’s going to go back though, he was just pissed that no one bothered to put some kiddy porn in his casket so he could whack off for eternity. He went by Sean Penn’s house and stocked up and was seen headed back just this afternoon.

    • I know, right?? I think it’s so sad how people blindly defend him just because they love him as an entertainer. When in all likelihood, he was a molester. It’s silly to assume that just because he was brilliantly talented, that somehow that means he must have been innocent.

    • You don’t think a celebrity as wealthy as him would throw money at a problem to make it go away? To prevent having to go through a trial and having his entire life opened up for public consumption? I’m not saying he’s innocent, especially since it sounds like the family that sued him probably actually had money – I had thought they were just after his money, but maybe not. Who knows. Still, who is a better target than Jackson? He was very weird, he didn’t have appropriate boundaries with children (and who lets their kid have a “sleepover” with a grown man?!?), and he had a shitload of money. Cha-ching!

      • He also has a dick that is spotted,like a dairy cow. The kid gave a detailed deposition of the spots,they photographed him,he was screwd and tattooed.

  • I can’t stand looking at pictures of him. He looks like a fucking corpse. He wasn’t bad looking before all the skin bleaching/plastic surgery so why did he do this to himself? He must have really hated himself and his race. Why can’t black people just be happy with themselves?

    • He probably had body dysmorphic disorder; abuse is a huge trigger for it and we all know papa Joe was not saint. It makes sense with the drastic attempts to always change his appearance.

    • Ummm, why can’t black people be happy with themselves? WTF is that? White people are on constant missions to darken their skin either with the sun or artifical color. Your comment is completly ignorant.

    • Let’s see, tanning salons, tanning creams, breast implants, lip injections, butt injections. Yes, BLACK people sure do need to ‘just be happy with themselves’.

      • People of all races have all of the typical cosmetic crap done. But it is always BLACK people who try to turn their skin color WHITE. And don’t bring up that lame argument about white people and their tanning beds. I’ll accept that argument when I see a tanning bed with a NEGRO setting on the dial.

      • I’ve never met a black person that wanted to make their skin white. I’ve seen a few black celebrities lightening their skin, but never met one in real life. However, I would like to know what proof any one has that these black people that are lightening their skin an attempt to be white. How do we know they aren’t just making themselves a lighter shade of brown or black? There is the extreme case of Michael Jackson, but he doesn’t fit any standard of normal, so can’t be used as an example here. White people tan to make themselves a darker shade of white, but people aren’t running around screaming that they are trying to make themselves black. Saying you don’t want to hear the argument about tanning beds until a “NEGRO” is sitting on the dial, makes no sense, it only proves that your ignorance level is higher then I thought.

  • This post is actually about the father of the boy – not MJ. Let’s think about the guilt that dad might have been carrying around – you accept a payout if you believe (and supposedly have proof) that someone abused your child? Is there an amount of money in the world that takes that shame away? Every day that father lived after accepting that payout was another day that he proved that he was just as much to blame as MJ might have been. Carrying that guilt around just might cause a man to kill himself because how in the hell do you justify that?

  • Why the hell do you think he wore tape on his fingers? For fun or a fashion statement, either it’s poor circulation or it’s what’s left of his original color. By the way he had vitiligo he wasn’t white he was see through. You can’t bleach yourself transparent.