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Olivia Wilde and Husband Tao Ruspoli at NYC Premiere of Fix Pictures Photos

I know this guy kind of looks like the ball-hog you played soccer with when you were eight years old (or is that just me?), but he’s actually married to the phenomenally beautiful Olivia Wilde. And, apparently, some manner of Italian prince. His name is Tao Ruspoli, but every time I see his name I want to call him Teddy Ruxpin.

I’m just totally jealous of anyone who gets to be with Olivia, I know, but whenever I see a pic of this dude I’m just like “Woah. What?” The twosome made a rare red carpet appearance together at the NYC premiere of Fix this weekend.

Another thing I have to share with you guys: Because I’m not at all a stalker, I went through like a million old pictures of Olivia on the photo agency’s website, and I realized that she almost ALWAYS wears pants or a skirt down past her knees. Wanna know why? Because she actually has thighs:


Not at all fat, but definitely bigger than the average starlet’s chicken legs, and you can tell she notices because she never wears short skirts. This comforts me to no end. The hottest woman in the world has trouble areas. Feel free to cuss me out about in the comments — I still think she’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, for the record — but I know I’m not the only woman out there who will feel just a little bit better about herself after knowing that little tidbit.

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