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Jennifer Aniston Stabs SmartWater in the Back


This may not seem like a big deal, but SmartWater spokesperson Jennifer Aniston was seen toting around a rival brand the other day and ooooooh, boy, does that piss off companies that spend millions to make sure their water is seen in the hands of stars.

Remember back in the day when Britney was shilling for Pepsi but kept Coke on her concert rider? She nearly lost her contract over that and had to sign papers saying that she wouldn’t be seen with any other soft drink. While I doubt these grainy paparazzi shots are going to get Aniston in too  much trouble, they hopefully will serve as a reminder to the star that once you sign a piece of paper saying you’ll rep a companies’ goods and take money for it, you sure as hell better make sure you hold up your end of the agreement. Big Bro is always watching, girl.

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  • When you realized that the first line of copy you came up with was “This may not seem like a big deal,” that should have been a strong indication that perhaps you should have shelved this “story.”
    That horrible picture with the superimposed caption may have been another strong indication.
    Nice touch that your shining example of pissed off water companies turned out to be a soda story about Britney Spears.

    • It may not SEEM like one, but in the past, it has been a big deal for people and the more coverage it gets, it COULD be a big deal. If you don’t like the story, it’s fine. There will be more today.

    • Good point “someone”. She is paid to try and pass the shit off on people. She is not obligated to drink their shit exclusively. “molls” no one gives a fuck about this. Bloggers these days are so fucking desperate. Whats next? Chemical analysis’s of actors shit secretly taken from night club toilets?