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Today in Celebrity Couples Who Still Love Each Other


Absolute cuteness was the name of the game as Melissa Joan Hart sat courtside at the Knicks vs. Hawks game with her hubby, Mark Wilkerson. They actually look like they’re in love and not just putting on a show for the cameras. I love it. I’m glad things turned out so well for Melissa. Remember when she was all BFF with Britney Spears like a million years ago? And she was in the “Crazy” video? That was just weird.

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  • You must be blind! Look at the guy’s body language. He is not comfortable, to say the least. Hands clasped (his own, not Melissa’s), arms folded, he’s silently saying ‘Please back off a little, you’re smothering me!’ hahah

      • Thank yoou!

        Are you freaking blind Beet? Honestly sometimes you have the most skewed interpretation of something.

        He is looking away from her half the time while she is hanging on to him for dear life.

        Your stupidity never seems to fail Beet.

      • i’m just curious why you would consistently read a blog if you consistently disagree with the views presented? there’s a million other gossip sites out there, you know…

      • shes not stupid. he does look cold though. but seriously on another note.. what IS that eye?? look at that thing i barely noticed the body language i was so distracted by it. no wonder beet missed it =p

    • I agree. He looks like he is real into the game and trying not to miss anything- she is all over him. Not to say he isn’t into her but he is there to watch the game. Like most men would be.

  • Was about to say the same thing! Looks like Melissa is the one who is a little bit more into the hubby, not the other way around. These pics demonstrate clearly how he is trying to keep her at a distance and she is acting a little too clingy, their body language just doesn’t match.

  • Yeah what they said. Except for the Beet being stupid bit, you heretic! Tho this may explain why she never has the romantic relationship she desires, as we have a total failure to read social cues here.

    Yes, this is for the cameras. For the cameras & maybe for the hussy Melissa thinks is macking on her man.

    This is not 2 celebrities in love with each other, this is Mark Wilkerson trying to watch the friggin game while Melissa paws him, climbs all over him, rubs up on him, & basically marks her territory. It’s “look at me, I’m thin, I lost the baby weight, and this is my man, he’s MINE-MINE-MINE!!!”.

    And I am rather fond of MJH, I like her. She’s just trying way too hard in those pictures.

  • She was in the Crazy video because the song was used for that horrible movie she did with that curly haired idiot from Entourage. She and Britney might have been nice to each other, but they were never BFF.

    • Why? What the commenters said was true about MJH being clingy. Beet totally missed the obvious and the commenters are letting her know about it. Get over it.

      • Yeah, I didn’t think their body language matched what beet said but these commenters are vicious! As someone who has ready Evil Beet Gossip for what seems like ever, I feel like there used to be this respect for the writers. One that I still have but is slipping from the majority who read and comment here.

      • I’m not talking about how Beet got missed signals, I’m talking about how rude the comments are. Calling Beet stupid? We all know she’s far from stupid.

  • Wow, some people got riled up about this one. Yes, these aren’t pictures of storybook love, and Beet may have misread/read way more into them than she should have, but what dude goes to a sporting event to pay attention to his wife?
    It’s kind of silly that people are reading tea leaves into their relationship based on their interaction at this basketball game. But it’s perhaps even sillier that a bunch of people are reacting as though Beet stepped on their newborn.

  • I really couldn’t care less how these two feel about each other.

    That said, WTF is up with MJH’s heinous boots? LOL!

  • I totally disagree with your analysis of these pics. He looks like he’s trying to watch the game while his wife hangs all over him. I’m not saying they’re not in love. I’m just saying these pics aren’t proof of their love.

  • I can see where you’re coming from, Beet. She looks like she’s reaching for his hand, and it looks like he could be unfolding his arms to grab hers. We don’t know.

  • i think these pics are clearly an example of a case of dude wants to watch sports game chick wants to go to sports game to wear cute team shirt and spend time with her man.

    there are pics of him looking at her lovingly and hugging her. just cause he is into the game doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his wife.

  • we are talking about one picture, people. it can’t possibly prove anything about their relationship either way. just calmmmmmmmm down!

  • Melissa Joan Hart was also the lead actress in Drive Me Crazy, which is probably a big reason for her being in that music video…