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Kristen Stewart Is Getting Marginally Better at Doing Press Events

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner at the UK Fan Event for New Moon Twilight

I’m still titling this ongoing nonsense the Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson We Don’t Give a Fuck 2009 Tour, but I’ll give credit where credit is due: At the UK red carpet event for New Moon, there are actually some photos of Kristen Stewart where she kinda-sorta looks like she’s giving a fuck. I’m impressed with her, but I’m disappointed. I look forward to photos of Kristen Stewart press events, and I count on her to entertain me with new and improved I-don’t-give-a-fuck faces. Don’t buy into the Hollywood nonsense, Kristen! Fight the power! Get stoned and look bored! It’s what you do so very well.

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  • Oh, God, that dress. Does she have a stylist? At least her hair is growing back.

    Anyway, I like her. If not her acting skills, or lack thereof, then her ability to be like, “Fuck you, I’m me” without coming across as obnoxious like Megan Fox. And she’s only 19. I was a pretty big brat at that age and thought I knew everything there ever was to know.

  • It was her day to actually eat a wholesome meal so she has some blood sugar level normalcy and an added boost of happiness.

  • Taylor has been looking snazzy lately! always with the suits and ties. way to step it up and make up for whatever the other 2 wear.

    • Very true! Taylor always looks very comfortable and confident and well-dressed at Hollywood events, a very stark contrast to his costars! Though usually I like Kristen’s style… but not this time.

  • why the fuck are Kristen’s leg a strange purple/weird pink color? can’t rob afford a razor? Exactly how long is Taylor’s neck?

    I won’t even bother to mention Kristen’s outfit. it is a sin.

  • WTF is she wearing? and her legs freak me the fuck out. Taylor on the other hand, is indeed, looking very snazzy. He always looks good and very well-dressed at events.