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22Fill in the Blank: Pamela Anderson is a(n) _____________


Pamela Anderson has been hanging out ( in her trailer that is currently a home that she shares with her sons Brandon and Dylan.  She claims that she isn’t poor, she likes living in her double-wide whilst construction carries on at her main residence in Malibu.

Her little darlings, spawn created with the sperm of Tommy Lee, appear to be following in their dad’s footsteps.  And Pam’s reaction to it all doesn’t sound strong enough to keep them from going down the same path as Lee.

The former Baywatch star is currently living in a beachside trailer with Brandon, 13, and Dylan, 11 – her kids with wildman rocker Tommy Lee – while their nearby home in Malibu, California is being renovated. And Anderson’s boys are so much trouble she now worries about scheduling workcommitments out of town and leaving her mom, Carol, to look after her sons – because they’re beginning to take after their rock star father. She says, “Boy, they’re so feisty. When I get home and I’m not home for a couple days, they gotta be put back in their bodies immediately.

“They got in trouble because my children are riding their dirt bikes through the whole trailer park, going crazy, doing flips – and everyone’s concerned for their safety. And mom’s like, ‘Oh, they’ve been riding the whole weekend, they’re having a blast!’ I was like, ‘They’re not allowed to ride their dirt bikes in the trailer park!’ They terrorize the neighborhood the whole time.”

She adds, “My son got in trouble at school for beating somebody up. Well, not really beating somebody up. Just one of the counsellors, who’s 18 or 19, made a rude comment about me to him. Brandon threw his Red Bull (drink) on him and then went after him and they had to peel him off him. Now I’m getting called into school.

“But I think when somebody says something bad about your mother, what are you supposed to do? It is hard when other kids are like, ‘I’ve seen your mom with her clothes off!’ I’ve tried to teach my kids I have no problem with nudity. Violence isn’t good but Brandon was really upset, he was shaking and crying and looking in my eyes. It’s so sad.”

Well, shit.  I’m no Dr. Phil, but I do have one suggestion on how she could help her kids.  Uh … put some underwear on?  That would help her kids and the entire nation, really.

November 10, 2009 at 12:24 pm by Wendie
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22 Responses to “Fill in the Blank: Pamela Anderson is a(n) _____________”

  1. P1LL says:

    she still has the body to flaunt and I think she knows time is not on her side, so she is making the most of now ;)

  2. theotherme says:

    Pam is a old ho who should grow the FUCK UP.

    It just seems like she wants to be their friend and not their mother and where the hell is their father anyway? Dating another 19 year old.

  3. Chuck says:

    Gee, who couldn’t see her kids having problems. Tommy Lee is their father (doubt he sees them much or is very involved in their lives), Pam Anderson is their mother (and seems to be constantly out of town, high or drunk with various bozos), leaving grandma to raise them (Grandma thinks it’s OK for them to be riding dirt bikes constantly thru the trailer park. Bet the neighbors love them).

    Yep, therapy or jail is just around the corner for the boys.

  4. LilDi says:

    I feel bad for those kids. They can’t help who thier parents are. Could you imagine having her for a mother and other kids talking about her to you?

  5. Tako says:

    Pamela anderson is a: disgusting drugadict whore

  6. XYZ says:

    Why all the idiots have kids?

  7. Stef says:

    Walk around naked in front of your kids and give them Red Bull…that won’t mess them up. Sure. Go, mom of the year!

  8. BeetLover says:

    Consider what Jenna Jameson’s poor kids are going to go through; everybody’s seen a LOT more of their mom than just her naked bits!

  9. Scuba says:

    Can you believe that that ass shoots turds out?

  10. Anonymous says:

    yes, but much nicer looking turds than your ass shoots out.

  11. Jinxy says:

    Pamela has always been Jessica Rabbit like and cartoonish, that’s her schtick. Unlike most of her contemporaries she’s still making money, how she spends it is up for debate but she can still draw a crowd and has always said she was raised to not be ashamed of her body and she’s not. I think boys that age are hard to handle, they are pre pubescent – it only gets worse for the next few years. I don’t think Tommy helps matters much either.

  12. Anonymous says:

    go and masturbate ur kids and fuck them hard

  13. suck it... says:

    that ass looks tight…i need t come over to loosen it up a bit!!!!

  14. cab3mta3 says:

    She is still an all american beauty in my book ;)

  15. buttstench says:

    i just feel compelled to sniff her cute tight butt.

  16. slowpokesal says:

    Credit to her Gender -!!!!!!!

  17. barbara says:

    needs to act like a confident adult. she is attractive so why does she have to showoff? just dress appropriately for sons. does not have any self respect? Pamela can dress attractively without looking cheap.

  18. uncut 10 says:

    I would fuck that ass till she cums.

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