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Remember That Stripper That Josh Duhamel Was Hoping Would Go Away Quietly?


Earlier in the week, I told you about Nicole Forrester — stage name:  Delilah — who is claiming that she had sex with Josh Duhamel.  Josh and his new wife Fergie immediately issued one of those stock “She’s a liar” denials that we are so used to hearing.  Well, the pole prodigy is now telling her story on the radio and I believe her.  Click here to watch all three videos of Nicole talking about how she met Josh and how she was approached by the tabs.

The way Nicole tells it, she didn’t know who Josh Duhamel was, but eventually her co-workers clued her in and told her that he was married.  But listen, he was hot, guys.  What’s a girl to do if the guy is hot?  So, she banged him.

Stripper girl also claims that she was approached by the National Enquirer after Josh was bragging on set about screwing a stripper at the club Tattletales.  She resisted telling her story until a $20,000 check was waved under her nose.

Beyond a possibly destroyed marriage, the worst thing is that Nicole’s kids who are 10 and 13 didn’t know that mommy took off her clothes for a living (and sleeps with married dudes!)  Well, they and the rest of the world know it now.  Hopefully she’ll take that check and do good with it.

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  • The club was called “Tattletales”? Ironic. Or maybe not, I don’t know… At least ironic in the Alanis Morrissette sense of the word. That guy’s a shit. I would be so devastated to find out my husband was actively trying to nail strippers and then to have it public.. how humiliating. What a fucking douchebag. I blame the stripper too but she’s not the one who took vows..

    • It’s actually not that easy to ‘nail strippers’, as they can be particular when it actually comes to full blown sex. Don’t think that your husband would have had the same chance at getting laid as this guy, because he couldn’t have. Strippers are quite particular. They may not mind showing some tits and ass for a few bucks to most slobbering hard up dickheads, but most save the ‘pot o’ gold’ for celebrities, sports figures, or guys with cash stuffed pockets. Believe me, they can sniff out money!

      • Nasty. You sound like the typical stripper, justifying skankyness. The fact that stipper are “Particular” and only wiill have sex with “Pots of Gold” is very Loose, to put it nicely. Normal, attractive, nice intelligent women wouldn’t even “show tits and ass” to a celebrity just for the “Pot of Gold”, most are way more “Particular” than that, hence why strippers are seen as Smelly Skanks (they are). NASTY NASTY NASTY COMMENT!

      • You may think strippers are nasty, but odds are they view your husband/boyfriend as the smelly skanks. Remember, most of your men have to sneak out to visit strip clubs and do it when you aren’t aware or if they’re out of town. Your so called ‘loyal’ men are more than happy to spend their hard earned money, or for that matter, your hard earned money, to see a woman that’s fit and athletic instead of some bouncing glob of boringassed cellulite that they see every day when they wake up next to someone like most of you stupid bitches.

      • Shit man, calm down. Where’s the sisterhood hahaah. You guys are both right. However it’s a shame you had to go and bash out on women who aren’t strippers or are in a relationship. You could very well, one day, be in the exact same position, your boyf running off to another stripper. Karma’s a bitch, your job could be to tempt men away from their women, but you know, most strippers aren’t respected by men. In the end, you lose too. Just saying. =)

      • Uh oh! We have a Stripper/Stripper Advocate on our hands folks!

        Strippers are SO not particular dude. There is a price tag on every snapper in the joint, lets not fool ourselves.

      • And I’m sure you’re one of the fat and dumb bastards that strippers end up ‘stripping’ their wallets by the end of the night with nothing to show for it but a bunch of ridiculous compliments about how wonderful you pathetic losers are that can’t even get a womans attention unless you’re paying her for it.

      • I can’t leave my name b/c site is screwy, I’m rvh from up top there.

        WTF is with Anonymous and your talk about how men have to go to strip clubs to see decent women because they have fat sacks of shit squeezing out puppies at home? Your world sounds like a really sad place and I hope you can learn to embrace all of womanhood one day, not just people who look good swinging on a pole. And they do, don’t take offense. But there’s more value to a human being, isn’t there?

        And as for the other commentor talking about how men don’t respect strippers… No, I don’t think most of them do. Honestly though, I think the kind of guy that hangs out in a strip club regularly doesn’t respect women. Period. Maybe he has similar viewpoints as Anonymous about what women should be offering men. ie. He should be sitting down, being waited on by a scantily clad waitress while a few hardbodied women dance around naked for him to check out. Shal-low.

    • What’s your point? Are you a stripper or something? I don’t think my point was that it was so easy to fuck a stripper… my point was that guy’s an asshole for actively trying to and then doing it. Thanks for the tutorial about the high standards of local titty shakers.

      • hhahhahah “thanks for the tutorial about the high standards of local titty shakers” hilarious.

  • Josh must be dim and insecure. It’s bad enough to be unfaithful to your wife and risk getting lethal diseases, but to brag about it on a movie set?

    This is like winning the moral version of the Darwin awards. And if he did it once, so soon after their wedding, he certainly will do it again, if he hasn’t already.

    It’s amazing how even talented, rich, disciplined, attractive, successful women still end up getting treated like dirt. Hope they had a prenup!

    • he’s married to an ex crystal meth addict, you ignorant asshole. you don’t have to climb out of much of a deeper hole than that to find someone a rung or two up that ladder.

  • She is a slut. That man is married- she should be a better example and I dont mean the stripping. I mean going after a man that isnt your own. Why we can’t we as women stick together? I dont go after your man, and you dont go after mine.

    • Thing is, if Josh Dummel came up to me, I’d have no idea who he was either. In the acting world, he’s basically a nobody, let’s be serious. I’m sure he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring or mentioning his wife while all this was going on. Don’t blame the stripper for HIS cheating. She’s not the married one and wasn’t seeking him out. He made the choice to go to the strip club.
      Though I normally agree, I hardly qualify that as her going after someone else’s man.

  • I don’t know. I still don’t buy this chick’s story. I find that “bragging about it” part totally unbelievable. I think she just figured out how to make some money.

  • Wasn’t he dating some other actor chick a few years ago that he dumped for Fergie? Does anyone else remember this??

    I think this stripper might be telling the truth. Even if she isn’t, this guy just seems skeevy. He has a ‘cheater vibe’ to him…so if not now, probably sooner than later SOME story will be true.

  • “It’s not easy to nail a stripper, they only go for the Pot of Gold”? COMICAL. Nailing guys who they think are Pots of Gold are what make strippers Skanks and Nasty. Thanks for the Comic Relief, I’ll be laughing all day long at that comment.

    • I’m sure you’d marry a homeless guy if he was attractive, huh Bebot? Strippers are just like you, they’re just honest about the money and don’t have to actually fuck your husbands, or for that matter, get nasty stretch marks after getting pregnant by him. Which, by the way, most husbands love to visit strip clubs while their wives are pregnant! Think about that when you’re popping another one of his kids out while he’s holding your hand in the hospital room. He was probably holding a strippers hand (or more) more than once during your pregnancy.

      • That’s just too sick for words. No, strippers are not just like me. “Fucking someone else’s husband” doesn’t sound “Honest” to me, no matter how you try to Spin or Rationalize it…sounds more like being in Denial about how truly of little value strippers are seen.

        And “fucking someone else’s husband”? I thought the going argument by the stripper advocate here was strippers were “Particular” and only go for the millions of “Pots of Gold” out there…haha, still cracks me up how stupid that sounds. So sick it’s Comical, in a Dirty, Pathetic way. And BTW, most strippers are Fat and Sloppy, why else must they compensate for their insecurities by “fucking” “Johns” or whatever they call Creepy, Disgusting men whom no decent woman would even look twice at?

      • Whatever makes you feel better about what you do Anonymous….

        I’m sure any one of us could sell sex and be “honest about money”, it’s just that most of us choose to live our lives differently. And strippers should just be so proud that they have scumbags who would leave pregnant wives at home pay attention and money to them!

        Sad… really, really sad…

  • Maybe Josh and Fergie have some kind of “deal” going on. Maybe she knows he bangs other chicks on the side and just deals with it out of the pure joy of being grateful for him having married her tranny ass.

    Oh cmon. You KNOW she wasnt born with that cooter, thats man made baby!!

  • In England we spell cheque that way, a ‘check’ is if u make sure that something is correct etc! Don’t how you spell things in the States

  • So the stripper’s kids don’t know what Mommy does for a living because she wants to “protect” them? What job did she tell them she was going to when she left the house?

    Down the road I’m sure they’ll appreciate her lying to them; after all she was only protecting them. Oh, wait, she’ll have to tell them she took money for taking off her clothes up on a stage for her job, and then she’ll have to tell them she took money to sell a story. For goodness sakes woman, cover up your “ethics.”

  • I think there is something weird about this whole incident. I have a feeling that Fergie and Josh have an open relationship. Otherwise I find it confusing as to how he can deal with that face. Im sorry I know Im being a bit mean, but her skin looks so pulled back and drawn and puffy in certain places like she had collagen injected into it.