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I Have So Much to Say About the Photos from the Jimmy Choo for H&M Launch

Hayden Panettiere at Jimmy Choo for H&M Collection Launch Party Pictures Photos

So I guess Jimmy Choo is doing a line for H&M. So of course they need to do a big Hollywood launch party for it. And they get a whole bunch of celebs to come. But whoever did the lighting on the red carpet completely fucked it up, so nobody gets to look good except for Hayden Panettiere, who can’t possibly look bad no matter what.


And then you have this completely tragic picture of Olivia Wilde, who is still basically the most beautiful human being on the planet, but she really need to avoid taking photos while standing next to Rashida Jones, who is incredibly tiny. Really it looks like someone did a bad job of Photoshopping them next to each other, like they messed up on the scale.


And also WTF is Paris Hilton wearing? We are NOT bringing back parachute pants, Paris. Not you, not Jimmy Choo, not anyone. We’re not bringing them back. Not now, not ever. Conversation over.

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