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This Is It Trailer And Webcast Info

Stream videos at UstreamMichael Jackson’s This Is It movie premieres today in L.A. at the Nokia Theater and will be available in theaters nationwide tomorrow.  It’s only available for two weeks so make sure you catch it!

Today’s event will be live streamed starting at 4:30 PDT so you can see everything as it happens.  Read the deets below for information on where you need to be to view the webcast:

CULVER CITY, Calif., October 26, 2009 – When Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT makes its worldwide premiere from Los Angeles tomorrow, Tuesday, October 27, viewers around the world will have a chance to join in during the live webcast of the event, which will take place at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles, beginning at 4:30 p.m. PDT.

The live webcast can be seen on and  Viewers can interact by commenting and discussing on these pages during the live coverage. The webcast will be streamed in the U.S. and around the world.  In the U.S., the webcast will be hosted by radio personalities Big Boy and Luscious Liz, and five international hosts will webcast to their regions.

Columbia Pictures’ partner on the live webcast is, the internet’s premiere live video platform., which also webcast Michael Jackson’s memorial service to four million people, reaches 40 million viewers per month and is the premier live video site for talent. Premiere Entertainment will produce the webcast for and Sony Pictures.

Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT, to be released on October 28th, will offer Jackson fans and music lovers worldwide a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the performer as he developed, created and rehearsed for his sold-out concerts that would have taken place beginning this past summer in London’s O2 Arena.  Covering the months from March through June, 2009, the film is produced with the full support of the Estate of Michael Jackson and drawn from more than 120 hours of behind-the-scenes footage, featuring Jackson rehearsing numerous songs for the show.  Audiences will be given a privileged and private look at Jackson as he has never been seen before.  In raw and candid detail, Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT is the last documentation of Michael Jackson in action, capturing the singer, dancer, filmmaker, architect, creative genius, and great artist at work as he and his collaborators move toward their goals of London, the O2 arena, and history. Kenny Ortega, who was both Michael Jackson’s creative partner and the director of the stage show, is also directing the film, which is being produced by Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega and Paul Gongaware. Executive producers are John Branca and John McClain.

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  • I agree with oxymoron. I can’t begin to be interested. I look forward to missing another pop culture moment. I look forward to not knowing most Trivial Pursuit answers. I need a brain break and missing MJ tributes could qualify as just that.

  • I am definitely not going to see this. It’s over-kill. I’m sick of everyone trying to make a buck off of his way-over-publicized death.

  • Well, I’m just going to be totally wild and crazy here – I will be seeing this film, I’ve been looking forward to it since news of it first came out.
    Whether you care about his death or not, it is, essentially, the death of an icon, someone who was loved all around the world and was a true inspiration to many. Why shouldn’t we celebrate his life?

  • I’d rather sit through a 5 year olds violin recital than have to watch one fucking minute of a bleached out pedophile dancing his final steps just before he moonwalked straight into the gates of hell. I only hope that satan shoved that glitter glove straight up his scrawny ass the minute he arrived.

    • Fucking hilarious! I just wish I hadn’t taken a large sip of water right before I read the glitter glove remark.

  • I just don’t celebrate by watching tv. Nonetheless, I don’t feel the need to celebrate MJ. Plenty of others will take care of that for me. :-)

    Enjoy the show! Not trying to bash on you or who you like or what you enjoy. Just commenting my ‘must see’ list doesn’t include the MJ special.

  • I never knew they were going to collaborate on “Bad”! Sad to see it didn’t happen. I’m so excited about the upcoming concert film coming out, and the film’s album debut. The “This Is It” song is so terrific… I’m so glad they released it early online.