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Noah Cyrus Has Once Again Been Allowed To Dress Like an Underage Skank

Noah Cryus' Halloween Costume

Noah Cryus wore what looks like a cut-down version of a Fredericks Of Hollywood teddy, some knee-high boots and bright red lipstick to a Halloween party over the weekend. This isn’t the first time the nine year old girl has been dressed wayyyyy too sexy for her age. She and her BFF cousin Emily also walked a red carpet in swimsuits earlier this year. It doesn’t help that the girls make over-sexualized, flirty eyes at the camera. Whatever innocence could be used to defend these trashy costumes is immediately made irrelevant when you see how very aware these girls are of what they are “supposed” to be imitating.

If I were to imagine how this came about, I would think that, like most children, Noah put in a costume request to her mom and they went shopping together and picked this out. Well, probably more like mom put in a call to a stylist who brought over several options and the two of them agreed upon this one. That right there is the problem. At least four more inches of fabric need to be on that costume, and Tish Cryus should not only recognize, but demand that her daughter pick something more suitable. That’s the way these things work. That’s how you ensure that your daughter doesn’t dress like this every day by the time she’s 14. Not to mention the absolutely miserable message this sends to girls who are fans of Miley and see that her sister dresses like this, allowing to think that on any planet, anywhere that this is an appropriate way for a young girl to dress.

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  • I made a comment about this to my boyfriend the other day when we were in Wal-Mart looking at kids’ Halloween costumes. There were tons of trampy looking costumes for kids even younger than her. Tiny schoolgirl kilts, skanky fairies, etc.

    Halloween is the most counter-intuitive holiday ever.

    Tart up your underage child, then send them unaccompanied to strangers’ houses to ask for candy.

    Hmm. Makes sense to me!

    When I was aged 7-9, I dressed up like a dinosaur, at my insistence. I was then a clown for several years. My friends were gypsies, spooky (not skanky) witches, etc. Stop sexualizing your daughters! It’s CREEPY.

  • Im a 22 year old girl n even i feel gross looking at this! Its horrible! Where The Hell are her parents?!!?! Are they serious?!! If i saw a 14 year old dressed like that id tut (im British) and think ‘what a tramp’, but she’s not even in high school! In England she’s still 2 years away from high school, she’s in year 4/5 over here! At that age i wore shorts down to my knees, baggy sports t-shirts, and trainers everywhere! I was a bit of a tomboy and hated dresses! Even at halloween i wanted to be a witch – but that involved a black bin bag as a cape and face-paint! What a joke!
    She’s a paedophile’s dream! And her parents are sick!! Shouldn’t be allowed children if they cant even provide appropriate clothing for them!

  • I’am against calling a little girl names. She’s imitating what she sees and thinks is adult, she doesn’t have parents who have any sense and they had to know she would be singled out and reviled because they didn’t tell her it was an inappropriate costume for her age. 22 at a frat party – it would have been a hit.

    Try to remember who and what her mother is, she was a groupie who dumped her kids by various bar band members on her mom’s door step like they were kittens, she cared more about dick than her kids and until she met BillyRay and kept having kids by him *her brass ring* she was pretty unfit as a parent. I think the blame should be placed on the right person. Not a kid who doesn’t have a mother who knows any better than to do this to her daughter – who was sure to be made a fool of publicly. Think about what kind of mother would buy something like this for a child to be so sexualized and think it was okay.

    • so because he mother is mean that gives her the right to look like she just got back from the street corner to walk the red carpet.

    • yes. I agree. Completely. that was the first thing I thought. Why would parents let their CHILD go out dressed like that – and with a face of make-up that makes them look like that!! Shouldn’t they have their child’s best interests at heart??

  • should i be scared of this ? cause i am .___. i cant believe people make slutty-like clothes for little girls > > ridiculous

  • Anonymous:
    I was sure that eventually the word “Lunch” would be included in your argument. I guess that’s the way all of you mentally challenged rednecks settle things.

    • Dear Alan,

      Pal, when I mention lunch, it doesn’t mean some fairy assed organic meal with tofu and shit, you rainbow flag waving chest waxing douche. I got a hunnerd dollars that you hit the gym with cocksucking tunes by Kanye West and The Smiths blasting on your Iphone you hopelessy less than hip, pubic hair groomed fucking liberal Ralph Lauren wearing a-hole. As far as how rednecks settle things, I just hope there’s a tree limb outside your boring assed hipster condo that’s low enough for me to throw a rope over. Again, who the fuck admits to being named Alan?

  • Hound dawgs, rusty pick-up trucks and the Confederate flag-what a legacy. The debate is over. I won. Crawl away and lick your wounds.

  • If that isn’t the image of Americas future “Mega Porn Star” I don’t know what is. For a father to allow a child to wear that, he must be the one feeding her the pipe already. FUCKING GROSS!!!!

    • By the way Alan, this isn’t me ^, sorry but I’ve been busy bleaching a stain out of my KKK hood for the next State of the Union drinking game party at the First Baptist Church (we drink every time Obama says “George Bush”) and haven’t been able to write today. When you’re through masturbating over your Nancy Pelosi youtube collection, check yourself out in the mirror and make sure your George Michael 5 o’clock shadow is lookin’ good before you head to the nearest mens room stall for dessert.

  • It’s a fucking halloween custume,, relax. And any1 saying this is too “sexy” for a 9 year old girl is sick,, shes frikking 9. The word sexy should not even be in your head when it comes too a 9 yeah old.. Also it seems like alot of the ladies on this site are very mean sprited towards this little girl with your hateful comments, What the fuck is wrong with most of you people here?? Envious and jealous of a 9 year old? Patheic

  • omg whats wrong with u people u act so fucking dumb shes going to school and what do u think the little children in her class are saying. get a grip and shut the fuck up u ass holes.

  • also miley and her parents are a shame i would never put clothes on my child that way if i caught her in that i would woop her ass.

  • look im nine and i dont dress like that. i thought noah would grow up better unlike miley im discusted that girl/ miley/her parents need some help

  • Okay, it does look like she hiked her skirt up, maybe she did that part all on her own? We’ve already established the fact that Noah Cyrus is an attention whore. So what? Look who her sister is. I bet there’s some serious favoritism going on at the Cyrus home. Noah sees her sister acting and dressing like a slut so of course she wants to do it too! In her 9 year old mind, she probably thinks that imitating her sister is a good idea because it gets her a lot of attention, and her parents really aren’t helping by letting her dress like a prostitute.


    Do you want to know WHY everyone is pointing the pedophilia finger? Because there are a LOT of pedophiles out there. Do a search of convicted sex offenders in your area, and you’ll see that there are probably some right down the street. Just think of all the unconvicted sex offenders out there. They could be right next door to you. It’s a very scary thing, especially if you are a parent.

    Our culture is based off of more than looks, and if you were from here you would know that. We are not as shallow as you think we are. You should never assume that you know everything about a country you’ve probably never visited based on STEREOTYPES. Honestly, if you wish to insult the United States, then for God’s sake come up with something a little more original.


    To insult members of your own country in such a way is ridiculous, and I hope you get shot for your remarks. Southerners are the SAME as northerners, except we have different accents (sometimes) and are a hell of a lot more friendly. Also, you don’t seem to be able to comprehend sarcasm very well. You sound like a complete idiot.

    A lot of you are calling Noah ugly, and while that is unfair, most of the Cyrus children (Trace, Miley) are rather unfortunate looking so there doesn’t seem to be much hope for her.

  • OK im her age im 10 years old i dont dress like that i only were one thing that she also wears it called ooh lala couture wait atlist i dont dress like her in that

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