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Jodie Sweetin Got Trashed At Candace Cameron’s Wedding When She Was 14


Oh. My. God. Jodie Sweetin is bananas. I don’t even know if I’m ready to get in to this with you guys right now, but it has to be done.

We all know by now that Jodie Sweetin suffered with meth addiction and generally went hella craycray for a minute after Full House was done taping. Then she cleaned up and hosted that Pants Off Dance Off show for a bit. Well, in addition to having a baby and a crazy estranged husband, it turns out that Jodie has been busy penning a memoir. A memoir that will likely be off the chain.

The book, Unsweetined (God, that title), delves in to all the madness that was really going on in Jodie’s life after the hit show she was on ended right before she started high school. Like a lot of young stars, Jodie eased her pain by hitting the bottle. The first time she ever got drunk? At her co-star Candace Cameron’s wedding back in 1994, before Full House even ended. Ahhhmazing and horrible at the same time. Who knew little Stephanie was a booze hound?

Jodie says that from there she started drinking all the time and eventually experimented with every drug out there until she finally got hooked on our nation’s drug of choice: crystal meth. “I wanted to prove that I wasn’t the girl from Full House, that I could get more trashed than everyone else.”

Wowza. This book is going to be the best thing ever.

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  • Well the first time I got drunk I was 15… and most people I know were 13-14 so I don’t see the big deal. I mean obviously in her case she had big issues and ended up doing drugs but it’s just not the case with everyone.

  • Yeah, I’m not too surprised that she got drunk at 14, just that it was at Camerons wedding! 1st, that there was alcohol & 2nd, that she got to drink it.

  • Seems like the person who wrote this article is a little sheltered. Alcohol and teenagers in America has been around even going back to the 1950s. It may not be a good thing but it’s reality.

    As for her meth usage.. yes, that’s a bad thing but the sh**hole known as Hollywood (and/or the liberal atmosphere surrounding “fame”) cycles in this sort of behavior. Everyone else “was doing it” so she did too. I mean, look at who she was around on Full House. Specifically Bob Saget and John Stamos. I’m sure they were hardly good role models and were probably wilder back then than they are now. It’s the same thing that f’d up the Olsens.

    And, btw, Meth isn’t this nation’s drug of choice (unless you’re consider gay “enclaves” such as San Francisco and parts of NYC nations); weed is this nation’s drug of choice. That and anything that requires a prescription ;-)

    • Actually, meth is a huge, huge problem in the midwest. Not necessarily crystal meth, but anhydrous, because making it is relatively simple and anhydrous is readily available. There is more to this nation than California and New York.

  • Never watched a full episode of that show (TOO CHEESY) But have always had a major crush on Jodie. I cant wait to read her book!

    Are her brothers ans sisters on Everyody loves Raymond………..same family?

    • I always thought they were related, too, and was shocked to find out they are not. But, nope, no relation.

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  • O yeah I forgot one thing candance all it matters if u and your husband love each other not if she threw up but I wish the best for u canfance