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It’s Over!

Joel Gosselin

After years of watching the little Gosselin babies grow into resilient little children, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 disaster is over.

After Jon’s insistence that the children not be filmed any longer, TLC really wasn’t left with any choice but to cancel the show.  The last episode will air in November.  What does this mean?  No more constant “I do it for my kids, it’s all about my kids” crap from Kate, and Jon can officially breathe as loud as he wants to without fear of admonishment.

I guess Jon anticipates a healthy paycheck on the horizon to feed all those mouths that used to feed themselves.  We should all anticipate more stories about Jon catchin’ some brewskies with Michael Lohan while they ogle 17 year-olds.

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  • Great point Wendie! How the hell do they expect to pay for that huge house they had built; all the other perks they have become accustomed to… I’m sure Kate will get a show of her own; but now without the kids, can she do a KathieLee and not talk about them? And Jon; we can watch him expand and count the cappillaries on his nose until it explodes.

    • They bought the house they didn’t build it. But you could see how big it was along with the size of the property. I wonder if they both will have to get a REAL job and how much of struggle that will be for them. I used to hate Kate because of the way she treated Jon, but now you can see just what she had to deal with. Jon is just a major douche and I feel sorry for his children because in a few years they will be old enough to understand what he did and how his actions have totally messed up their family. I just hope that the kids can life a some what normal life now.

  • Though it might not have been done the right way, it’s probably a blessing for all. What used to be a family show is now more Reality TV than anything else, and it involves 8 children who don’t deserve the swine they have for parents. Having your parents getting divorced is bad enough without having it all faithfully preserved on tape.

  • This decision is for the best. They way those two have acted and all thsi documented in print and on film for eternity. They need to keep their priavte issues private already for the kids. I wish them luck and I hope they can begin to behave as adults again.

  • as someone who watched the show from the start, this photo made my heart ACHE & not only b/c Joel was my 2nd favorite (after Aaeden of course). I think Jon is going to find out really quick that once everything dies down that no one gives a crap about him. My heart aches for those kids.

  • i really dont understand why jon keeps getting slammed in the media. is it a crime to divorce your wife? is it a crime to move on with your life? what do people expect from jon?

    sorry…even i got the giggles from that one. may i suggest jon try to hook up with a govenor via prostitution to make ends meet.

  • I doubt it’s over. We’re going to keep hearing about this broken family for at least another year. Blehck

  • I’m happy for the kids that their adolescence no longer has to be captured on film, as well as the twins going through the awkward stage of puberty and what not. But I’m pretty sure it’s not so fun inside the Gosselin orphanage right now. I’m pretty sure Kate is scaring all the kids into thinking they will now be homeless and starved because they can no longer do the show, and they they better break out whatever talents they may have and make mama some money….

  • Now I cant wait until the episode, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Minus One House and a Bankruptcy. That is one I will be truly watching.

  • This circus will finally stop and these “parents” will hopefully go private and stop involving their children in their media addiction. Haven’t they lived off their children enough? They need to all go into therapy (oh Jon says he is in therapy) and straighten out their lives.

  • Looks like mom and dad have to let the brood lead normal lives and gotta get a job, move into a burg they can afford and support their families with what income in the job field of expertice they have just like all the other people in the world.. Aw, so sad. Should we should have a national day of mourning?

  • This is going to end badly for the Gosslin children, all that work and they have very little to show for it. Jon didn’t realize that the kids are the only thing that makes him even slightly relevant, so with the show gone into the wind – he’s going to be back making 10 bucks an hour and all the girlies who wanted some instant fame will be gone too.

    It’s just to bad they weren’t putting money away for the kids all along – they will never forgive their parents for the few paltry thousands they got while their parents made money hand over fist during their working years.

  • Maybe they can move in with Nancy Grace – she seems to be the captain of Team Kate these days. Pfft.
    Or maybe, these narcissistic, fame-whore, money-grubbing parents can sell the mansion, the extra cars, the diamonds, the extra properties, move into smaller homes in the same city, and live not so “high on the hog” anymore. I’m fairly certain there are hundreds of families with multiples out there who have had to figure out how to house, clothe and feed 8 or more kids without a million dollar tv show.
    Unfortunately, these two have gotten a taste of the “good life”, at the expense of their kids, and they are not about to go back to the olden days.
    The love of money really IS the root of all evil – Jon & Kate are living proof.