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At Least George Clooney’s New Girlfriend Doesn’t Look Exactly Like His Old Girlfriend

George Clooney and Girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis at London Premiere of Fantastic Mr. Fox Pictures Photos


Oh, wait.

(At the London premiere of The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Also there: Cindy Crawford. Who also looks exactly like one of George Clooney’s girlfriends. But it’s not like he has a type.)

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  • Does anyone find it weird that he dates the same type of woman looks wise, and they all resemble his best friends wife? (Randy Gerber-Cindy Crawford) Just creepy!

  • i’m sorry, why is it terrible that he has a type?

    most people prefer one look over another – but most do not have the opportunities mr. clooney does in actually bagging the exact one they want.

    i think the girl is lovely. congrats george. looking forward to both of your new movies – i mean, staring at goats AND wes anderson???? fan-fucking-tastic!

  • Meh. Most people have a type. In fact, it’s of refreshing to see a man have a type that isn’t blonde with huge tits. I’m so sick of that.

  • I had a comment in my head but the first comment confused me a bit. Anyway, I agree about how it’s nice that he does not like the stereotypical blonde, well-endowed women.


  • George is hot! He can do no wrong in my eyes. He looks like Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel in the top photo. He’s hot too!

  • I’m not a huge Clooney fan, but I think this time he’s met his match. If anyone gets dumped, it will be him.

    The tattoo on her is unfortunate.

  • This new girlfriend elisabetta looks much much better than that cocktail waitress sarah….this new one has more class and has an european look and beauty… she has the casiraghi look… a little bit like princess caroline

  • Class? I guess you didn’t her topless nun pictures or read the article from Milan where she reportedly whored herself out for coke- class- yeah low