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January Jones Gives Unsupportive Ex-Boyfriend Ashton Kutcher The Finger

January Jones Is Doing Just Fine Not Listening To Ashton Kutcher

Well, if you need another example of why you should never listen to your boyfriend when it comes to your career: look at January Jones. The actress, who has risen to fame over the last couple years in her role as Mrs. Draper on the hit show Mad Men, says that when she used to date Ashton Kutcher back in the day, he actually told her to give up on acting all together.

January spoke to GQ this month and the interview (in addition to a gorgeous photo spread, ’cause she’s a pretty lady like that) goes in to detail about how she let her hater (Kutcher) be her motivator. “[He] was not supportive of my acting. He was like, I don’t think you’re going to be good at this. So – f— you! He only has nice things to say now – if anything, I should thank him. Because the minute you tell me I can’t do something, that’s when I’m most motivated.”

This is why! This is exactly why you never listen to boyfriends about career advice, people! (You hear me Miley and your deleted Twitter!?!) Only you know what’s best for you and no one knows your limitations, not even you. So screw whoever is saying you’re going to fail, let them marry Demi Moore and then you go off and be fabulous. All of you!

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  • January Jones, you cannot come over to my house for an energetic weekend of coital passion!
    (waiting to see if my ploy/play on her logic works in my favor)

    • The added irony is that, like January, he decided to act after giving up on modeling, too. Whatta dick.

  • Ashton is a narcissistic douchebag. You can always count on a narcissist to never give you a drop of support.

  • Ashton never disappoints. The man truly knows how to be a Class-A Douche.

    The man who will forever be Kelso, handing out advise about acting skills is truly priceless.

    And from the article in GQ she is comes across as a self aware girl. Who can laugh at it all. Even Ashton being a douche, she can laugh it off.

    I wonder if Demi is still having to pay all the bills?

  • This coming from a man whose greatest role to date was acting like a retarded person on the 70’s show, and envisioning “The Beautiful Life” she should have laughed in his face when he gave her acting advice. He’s a boy toy who invested in some restaurants, and hung on to being relative by marrying a much older successful woman. The End.

  • Good for her. It’s even better that she is cast on a well-written show like ‘Mad Men’ and at this moment Kutcher’s newest ‘work’ is ‘Spread’ where he plays a male prostitute, because we all know when you are cast as a ‘prostitute’ you clearly have ‘made it.’

  • I went to school with Kutch-yes, he is a big time douche…even back then. Extremely cocky, ignorant and kinda trashy to be honest.

    Between telling us “we should be a servant in mankind” to fucking Obama to giving acting advice, he is completely worthless. What a joke on every level. And, yes, I did know him and can verify he is what you people say he is ………sad.