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Christie Brinkley and Her Gross Ex-Husband Settle in Court

Christie Brinkley's Old Family

Christie Brinkley and her ex, Peter Cook, filed for divorce in 2006, which was finalized in 2008 and since then, the two have been battling over custody of their two kids (a ruling that Peter initially lost, although he is allowed to maintain certain levels of contact with the kids.) The reason for the divorce though, was a whopper: Peter admitted that in 2004 he cheated on Christie with one of his teenaged employees. Teenage. As in, a teenager.

This past month the two have found themselves in court again because both parties claimed that the other was breaking rules in their settlement. Cook, who sleeps with teenagers, actually had the nerve to call his ex wife out on breaking rules. I’m pretty sure that makes him a sociopath.

However, the two have finally managed to work something out that seems fair to both of them, although it hasn’t really been revealed what that is. Christie’s lawyer did release this statement, though:

“Since Mr. Cook lost the custody battle in the divorce trial, he has staged a relentless smear campaign against Ms. Brinkley. Ms. Brinkley is completely vindicated. The parties’ settlement approved by the judge today does not grant any of the requests in Peter Cook’s vindictive requests including, among others, his request for Ms. Brinkley to undergo anger management or for the appointment of a parenting coordinator.”

Hahahah! Oh, Peter Cook, bedder of teenagers, you’re hilarious! LOL! You wanted Christie Brinkley to attend anger management classes, for what? Displaying anger at the man who ruined their marriage and relationship with his children so he could get up on some underage girl? Oh, that is rich.

Here’s hoping that the kids, and Christie, are able to move on from this whole fiasco in a healthy and happy way.

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    • There’s a difference between being a young woman who’s NOT going to act upon it and a past middle aged lecherous man who DOES.

      Maybe you’re a little jealous that beet wants Taylor and not you??

      • The writers here have a thing for guys who date younger women, when the writers don’t like the guy, that is.

        The term barely legal is thrown about for women in their early twenties. On the other hand, they feel free to profess a desire to have sex with underage guys.

        Considering the guys Beet has shown an interest in, you’re probably right that she wouldn’t consider me a catch. Not jealousy though, I just have a thing for pointing out hypocrisy.

        And, yes, Peter Cook is a creep.

      • “NOT going to act upon it” huh? Did you forget the part of the Taylor post that ends with “I’d just like to offer my services for the illustrated companion Guide to Having Sex with Taylor Lautner.” Just a little oversight I am sure, huh?

      • “being a young woman who’s NOT going to act upon it”
        from the Taylor post Dan left “I’d just like to offer my services for the illustrated companion Guide to Having Sex with Taylor Lautner.”
        So you support underage sex with a boy but not a girl, wpolochick?

  • It came out that she wasn’t the only barely legal love interest he had and there was some fairly questionable stuff found on his computer too, which is why he has severely limited access to his kids. You don’t get those restrictions if you are a good guy, so remember that.

    Christi’s former husband was handsome too, and he turned out to be such a scuzball that he was forced to relinquish all contact with his child. She said she would never marry again, and with her track record it’s probably a wise decision. Getting rid of her husbands has cost her millions of dollars

  • First Billy Joel and now this? How many marriages will Christi Brinkley destroy before someone finally puts a stop to it.

  • Based on this post, I find it amazing that you assume being a teenager is underage. Not defending his actions, it’s just that if the girl was underage, wouldn’t he have other troubles besides the wrath of Christie? Check your facts before making silly accusations, I’m just saying…

  • Yes, please do get your facts straight Peter Cook’s affair STARTED with this girl when she was 17. He met her in a toy store for “pete’s sake”. Pun intended.

    I don’t believe that Christie is the culprit. She has just “settled” for some bad men. Bad men don’t come out and tell you that they are bad, if that were the case we’d leave them immediately.

    Sorry about all the problems Christie. I was married to a psycho too. :(

    Time to kick em’ to the curb girl!

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