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Jennifer Garner is the Best Mother in The World

Seraphina Affleck: Possibly the Happiest Baby On Earth

OK, maybe the headline is a bit much, but what the hell is Jennifer Garner doing with her babies that makes them little smile-machines? Garner and her hubby Ben Affleck took their older daughter Violet and baby Seraphina out to brunch in Cambridge, MA this morning and little Seraphina was smiling the entire time, just like her big sis is always seen doing. Perhaps they’ve paid off their children to be two of the happiest looking celeb kids out there (Suri can barely be bothered to grin) or they’re just feeding them candy and taking them on unicorn rides all day, but whatever it is, they’re doing something right…

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  • The happiness of her children is one of the reasons that I put no faith in tabloids that are always proclaiming the end of the Garner-Affleck marriage.
    Children that are raised by happy, loving parents in a peaceful environment are typically happy.
    The unhappiest children I’ve ever known were the ones raised in hostile environments with the parents fighting all the time.

  • True those are two of the happiest little ones and I agree that theirs must be a home full of lots of love and happy fun times.

  • Btw these photos were taken in Cambridge, Ma not Los Angeles. The family is there for a film that Ben is directing and starring in. Lovely family.

  • She’s playing with the baby in almost every picture. Same with Violet. She is always actively engaged, they are on a walk, at the park, in her arms, not the nanny’s. Pretty basic stuff but unfortunately rare in Hollywood.

    Jennifer Garner just seems to be a great mom, as delighted with her little girls as they are with her.

  • It’s her children’s nature. My daughter didn’t smile hardly at all her first year. But she’s a great kid with a great sense of humor. My son smiled from the get go. It’s just their nature. I’m sure Jenn isn’t being particularly funny.

  • I love seeing her interact with her children. Its like the whole “celebrities are just like us” at its best. She is a great mom and role model for her little ladies! Keep it up Jen!

  • They’re the kind of family I would admire even if they weren’t celebrities. I maintain that Jennifer Garner is the best thing that ever happened to Ben Affleck (I mean, seriously, J.Lo?). I’m happy for their happiness.

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