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Kate Gosselin Takes Break From Insanity to Do Leno

I think Kate Gosselin has found her calling if she can’t get Kate Plus 8 back on track.  If you ask me, it’s only a matter of time before she’ll be approached about filming a sitcom pilot.  Ooohhh … wouldn’t it be great if she did a sitcom with fellow reality mom Michelle Duggar?  They could call it The Mullets Plus Many.

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  • She stated She still wanted to keep filming with the children…of course she does!!
    I can just hear her now…

    Kate: “Do I want to keep filming….*pause* yes I do. Is it all for the children *pause*…of course it is”!!
    “Do the children love it *pause* yes they do!!”
    “Do I have their welfare at my motherly heart? *pause*…of course I do!!”
    Reaches for tissue offered from the box coming down on a string!!!

    Meanwhile Meredith sits there waiting to ask HER questions!!
    Oh how I wish this woman would come up against one honest interviewer!!

  • What else can she do to make money to support all those kids, if she goes back to nursing, after paying for child care she won’t be able to feed or afford health care and still be able to feed her kids. John is barely employable and it’s doubtful he’s even be able to come up with a 1000 dollars a month – he’s not educated or trained, he’s was never the major wage earner before they had kids – she was. If she has a prayer of supporting them and getting a college fund for all of them it’s going to be with that show.

    This is all about Jon thinking he’s Hot and Famous now, he actually said the other day that he is more famous than Paris Hilton! He’s such a toad, anyway TLC wont let him out of his contract and they weren’t going to film him and he thinks he’s going to get his own show or be in a reality show and TLC is going to pay him but he’s got 2 or 3 years, and he “won’t be hot” by then. So he’s willing to let his kids go without so he can be the star he was meant to be.

    He’s just tragic and delusional at this point. Can’t wait til the kids are old enough to figure out he used them for blackmail, and might possibly ruin all their futures in the process. He also hired one of the slimiest attorney’s around.

    • Before the show Jon was a major wage earner. He held a very high tecj IT position with the stae of Pennsylvania. Kate whined so much he arranged for jhis job to be done from a home office. When that didn’t satisfy her she made him quit and stay home to “help her” with the kids. They talked about this eary in the show. I’m sure he could go back to IT work.

  • Let me see –

    How to survive without shoving your kids on TV for all their intimate moments…

    1. Go back to nursing Kate
    2. Jon get a job that doesn’t involve your kids.
    3. Invest your money wisely
    4. If there is a market for it, sign up with a ghostwriter to write more books for you and do the book tour circuit and appearances
    5. Move the kids to a smaller house with less acreage
    6. Send the kids to public school
    7. Give up being a diva and the associated lifestyle of stretch limos, regular spa days, and numerous vacations.

    Do a yearly update magazine shoot with a non-tabloid magazine, just to see how the kids are doing. No bodily functions, no putting any of the kids or the parents down…

    • Well said, Malaysian trees! I totally agree. (Unfortunately, I don’t think logic plays into their narcissistic minds. They are a couple of opportunists who don’t care who they hurt as they claw their way to the top.)

    • I totally agree Rita! She has 8 kids, she is a strong woman, her husband is a douche – running around dating whores, drinking, self-absorbed. I bet she is just a bitch for the media and an awesome mom (as good as she can be…)

  • Jon and Kate both need to go away. Now.
    I don’t want to see either of their faces or hear either of their voices for a long, long time.
    I am so incredibly sick of all their stupid drama and the kids must be too.
    They need to GO AWAY.

  • Rita and Dee Lynn, So glad to see Khate supporters! Oh, and just like her they are cool, calm, and have classy mouths “The Fuck you Guys” that Rita says is typical of her backwoods sheep being led to the slaughter Type fans..!!!

    • Lol. Your right. I just went willlddd right there. Totally not calm at all.. I just could not contain myself.