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The formerly super-skinny Nicole Eggert is back on the beach in her Baywatch bikini with a few more pounds on her.  And she’s willing to let someone die if they don’t like it.

Eggert is all set to appear on this season’s Celebrity Fit Club on VH1, but all I could think is, “She looks perfectly fine!”  Now, a size 10 wearing a bikini equals fat?  I am so screwed if that’s the case.

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  • I think she looks great! This is a real woman and I wish more stars looked like her so the rest of us wouldn’t be so hard on ourselves.

  • i give her bod 2 THUMBS UP. the woman’s permanently hot. hooray for curves & havin’ the freakin’ balls to BE YOUR TRUE SELF especially in such a messed up industry as “hollywood”…

  • I cringed while watching that–why would she do that to herself? And she looks *healthy* for pete’s sake! UGH!

  • She looks great! It looked to me like they put her in a bikini bottom that was one size too small to emphasize the “problem.”

  • If her bikini fit, her weight gain wouldn’t be nearly as noticeable. And even with the ill-fitting bikini, she looks really good! Her legs look quite toned, and she is still so pretty.

  • Yep. I agree. She’s fine. The bottom of her suit is a bit small which makes her look bigger.

    But hey–we’re talking about her and she’s on this site…so mission accomplished! Clearly she was ready to get back in the public eye after being on the Scott Baio show a couple of yrs ago.

  • if they put her in a suit that actually fit there would be nothing to make fun of. she is definitely not fat.

  • Yeah, they definitely put her in a too-small bikini bottom. She’s not fat, she looks good. I suppose, however, when you are used to being a size 0, looking normal is hard to deal with. I’d love to have her current body, though!

  • Her and my body types are the same and I don’t feel fat. DAMN YOU HOLLYWOOD! She looks just fine to me

  • I only weigh 125 pounds and look pretty much like that in a bikini. I dont see what the problem is other than the fact it is an unflattering suit?? How many men are hard bodied enough to look good in a little speedo? Um nearly none. Its such a stupid double standard.

    Also – if we are going to be fair here those two guys were equally (if not more) soft as she was with not nearly as attractive face. So she felt dejected by two less attractive out of shape men. Ugh.

  • This is disgusting. So if you’re that size you’re ugly and fat and you can’t be attractive to anyone. Bullshit. I lost all respect for this woman. And then people wonder why the fuck teens have eating disorders. THIS is the reason. She looks fine. Period. She’s not 15 anymore, FACE IT bitch! You’re not going to look young and have a perfect body forever, and she looks really good for her ages. This made me mad, really.

  • Total “Fuck you” to Nichole for doing this. She is encouraging the opinion that a size 10 in a bikini is so fat and gross that even a couple of nerds wouldn’t want her. I get it if she is personally unhappy with herself and wants to lose weight. More power to her for that. But to do this skit is just wrong. In a normal fitting bathing suit she would look better then most average woman. After having a child, I personally, wouldn’t mind looking like that right now. Hollywood sucks and I really really hope one day the whole “you must starve yourself to be beautiful” crap passes. I have a daughter and I’m shit scared of what it’s going to be like for her when she is a teenager.

  • She’s a good looking woman but she doesn’t look “just fine.” She’s got some blubber going on and she’s out of shape. If you think her figure looks great, put down the fucking feedbags and get on the treadmill.

    • This looks like me in a bikini, except I wear a bottom that fits & doesn’t squeeze my fat out over the sides. She’s out of shape, but she’s still attractive.
      That video was one of the most assholish things I’ve seen in a while. And I’m a proctologist.

  • wow, that was one of the most asshole things i have ever seen. she looks beautiful. but no, her bikini does not fit properly. and she definitely is sending an extremely negative message out to everyone with body image issues, even though i suspect she simply meant to make fun of herself.
    and sammy, you’re a moron. please shut up.

  • I like how the clip is making fun of her body and not the guys totally undefined abs and pudge ….nice… double standards here.

  • What!! She is beautiful!! She looks fine! She is a nice size, yeah she needs to tone up a bit, which you wouln’t even be able to tell, if they didn’t zoom in on her bouncing love handles…!

    Why don’t they do a commerical over K-Fed, he is doing that show. Now there is a person that needs to lose some weight!!

  • Hilarious! That is great that she feels normal about her weight gain enough to make fun of it. Kudos! But, I agree with the others that she isn’t fat…she definitely is normal. Sadly, by Hollywood standards she may be overweight, so I guess the rest of us are obese.

    • She’d be a size 14 if she were quite a few inches taller. She’s only about 5’3″ or so, and I think a 10 is a perfect estimate of her clothing size. You have to think of sizes in proportion, not just weight.

  • Haha! She looks totally fine! I agree with everyone they put her in a too small swimsuit to make it look worse but I don’t agree with haters saying she’s giving women a bad name for being a sz 10. She’s just doing a skit about things that happen in real life! When I was a sz 2 and went to a sz 7 after a stressful time in my life people made fat jokes about me and were mean to me. Most of those people being men in my life. It’s true not all men treat someone who has gained weight like this, but there are some that do indeed act like douchebags just because you gained a few lbs. You can always lose weight, but being a douchebag is forever. Because let’s admit it, guys that are douchebags think they’re cool and funny…

  • Great….another opportunity to give women everywhere another unwarranted complex about their body. Shame on the funny or die guys.

  • i think she looks normal, and she was making a statement…that ugly, overweight men think they have the right to judge women, who in their douchbag opinion, aren’t hot. Like they would EVER get lucky enough to have someone that good looking. So yeah. Die.