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If You Tweet About Celeb Encounters At Work, You Could Get Canned

Jane Adams: Victim of Unflattering Tweets

The broad from Hung, Jane Adams learned first hand what it’s like to be a victim of a world that Tweets everything, and the man who spilled his unflattering account of the actress? Well, he got fired.

A waiter at Barneys Greengrass, the restaurant inside NYC’s Barney’s shop reported on his Twitter that Adams skipped out on a bill after forgetting her wallet at home. Although her agent came in the next day to settle her tab, the waiter still told all of Twitter that he felt stiffed. “Tues: Jane Adams, star of HBO series ‘Hung’ skipped out on a $13.44 check. Her agent called and payed [sic.] the following day. NO TIP!!!”, the dude wrote on his feed to all of his followers.

Shortly after that was spilled, Barneys took a look at the rest of his feed only to discover Tweets like “Thurs: Tori Spelling eats salami eggs and onions. BTW when did Tori become hot? Also Emilio Estevez looks like his dad,” and “Watched Neil Strauss pick up girls and Mindy Kaling talking at a hungover BJ Novak. My work is not reality!”

Trust me, this kind of dish is delicious and one of the main reasons we’re all so happy that Twitter is around, but seriously? On the job? You gotta know better than that. There are PAs on The View who see more spill-worthy deets on the hour but show a bit more decorum in the work place.

Point is: watch what (and who) you Tweet about on the job!

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    • This is different though. They are his company’s clientele. They really didn’t have much choice, in my opinion.

  • PA’s probably sign confidentiality agreements, while waiters probably don’t. i think that both people acted in shitty ways. Jane Adams should’ve taken her ass to her car to get her wallet, rather than skipping out on the bill. And then the waiter shouldn’t have blabbed using his real name.

    I still tend to side with the waiter though. His mistake cost him his job, which he had been doing for 5 years. while, Jane gets some publicity. personally, I believe that tipping is an OBLIGATION when you dine at a restaurant. If you don’t like tipping then get take out or fast food. Also, this is a very famous celebrity ridden restaurant, celebrities probably go there to get seen.

    All in all, if you do something shitty don’t get mad when other people find out. jane shouldn’t have skipped out on a check and the guy should have kept is mouth shut (or at least anonymous)

    • You should tip on take out too. At the restaurant I used to work at the sever or BT had to do everything except cook the food for the to go orders too. And we still had to claim 10% at the end of the night weather you tipped or not. Just saying :-)

  • I can’t stand this actress…for some reason she just looks like she stinks of B.O. and I find her unwatchable. I TRIED to watch Hung…but she was one of the things that drove me away.

    She was called out for being a twat…so then she was proven to be a vindictive twat on top of that. Twice a twat=twat. She should be thankful she has five more minutes of a career before she gets dumped back into character walk on roles.

    • I was about to say the same thing. She just looks like a pain in the ass, and really.. when you’re famous, you can’t skip out on bills and expect people to keep quiet about it.

  • It’s something that happens in EMS, too. Basically, if you’re jacked, you’re getting a picture taken for ‘educational’ purposes. I’ve woken up a time or to to a text picture of a gruesome injury or accident scene.

    He should have at least used a pseudonym and disguised where he worked. Amatuer.

  • Anyway people should think about what their posting and the implications those posts have on other people.