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Kim Kardashian is a Very Serious Business Woman, You Guys.

Kim Kardashian is Really Serious

Kim Kardashian would like you to know that she is ready to rip the face off of the industry with her endless talent, business know-how and moxie. You may know her from getting boned and owned by Brandy’s little brother in a sex tape, her childish reality TV antics or her mediumishly-high profile relationship with Reggie Bush, but if she has her way, she’s going to be the next Donald Trump!

Kardashian speaks to all of this in an interview with Cosmopolitan that’s on newsstands now, saying  “I’m an entrepreneur. ‘Ambitious’ is my middle name.” However, she’s the first to admit that all of her “ambition” wasn’t focused on the right things in the past, namely her romantic relationships. “A lot of work goes into relationships. Right now, I’m figuring it out.”

Well, whenever she’s done doing that math, we all better watch out, because Kimberly “Ambitious” Kardashian is about to take the world by storm with her lines of lingerie or perfume or hair extensions or whatever these famous broads cook up and pass off as a business. Check yourself, Barry Diller. K.A.K. is coming for you full speed.

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