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Jon Gosselin Decides to be a Man. I’m Tired.

Jon Gosselin was on Larry King Live last night.  I’m sorry guys, I don’t think we’re ever going to be free of these fuckwits.

Now that Jon has been fired from his show, he feels that the show is not good for his kids and he doesn’t want them involved with any filming.  Of course it isn’t good for his kids to be in front of a camera if Daddy Goss isn’t getting paid for it!

Jon explained to Larry that he looked in the mirror one day and didn’t like what he saw.  Thankfully his girlfriend’s father is a plastic surgeon.  Ha!  Seriously though, he’s had a review of his conscience and taking away his family’s sole means of support is his vision of “doing right”.  Though the timing is convenient, this has been a plan he’s been hashing out with his attorneys for weeks.

Let’s review all the other things that Jon Gosselin does that he obviously feels do not damage his kids:

1)  Cheating on their mother.

2)  Dating a 23 year old.

3)  Telling the media that he despises their mother.

4)  Hanging out in St. Tropez while their kids adjust to life without Daddy back in Pennsylvania.

5)  Exposing his children to his Ed Hardy wardrobe.

6)  Misspelling “penalty” and “Jonathan” on the signs posted at the front gate of their house.

Feel free to add to my list.  It’s just so extensive and I’m getting carpal tunnel syndrome writing about this family these days.  I’m done pouring energy into a dude that doesn’t know how to spell his name.

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  • How about a ban on all things Gosselin? She is an overbearing manipulative shrew and he is a broken loser trying to hang on to whatever dignity he can find. Massive Fail by both of them.

    • Courageous, The Evil One agrees with every one of your words but one “dignity”. These two ass-hats have never had a shread of it and probably wouldn’t even know the meaning of the word if it were tattooed on their melon size heads! They lost all claim to dignity when they decided it was a good idea to parade their family around like a big circus in front of TV cameras for the cash! The only thing that worries these two will be if the Paps stop following them around and their oily mugs quit showing up on every talk show and magazine cover. I agree: BAN`EM!


    7. Having sex with the nanny whilst the children are asleep ALONE in the house next door.

    8. Being photographed with various different STD infested “hoe”bags (sorry I had to lol)

    9. Allowing all of his sexual escapades to be caught on film and written about in the media so his children can read about it some day or to be tormented in school overed, I guess which ever comes first.

    10. Being a tremendous role model by instilling moral values, like if you want anything in life make sure to sell yourself and your family to get it!

    • I’m not sure if he knows what he is getting himself into here??? What case can he possibly make for himself? Kates lawyers are going to have a field day with his recent escapades in court. Can we say ‘fucktard’.

      I think I should cash in before he gets completely squashed by this can of worms he just opened. Although I have not seen him at the Chill Lounge on Rt. 183 Reading, PA yet…I t hink I’m going to start making it my new regular hang out. I need to get some pictures of his desperate ploys for attention and sell them.

  • This one is laugh out loud. He is so stupid that he did not even know that appearing on LK Live last night he was indeed a breach of his contract, neither did is stupid ass lawyer. Now TLC can move forward with a suit against him because of that. How empowering is that feeling Jon? You hire a lawyer that does not know crap, now you have to pay for it. And to top it off his lawyer kept insisting that no judge will allow to continue filming, while on the other side of the coin is that no judge in there right mind would take away the only means of support for a single mother of 8!
    Kate’s right – HE NEVER GREW UP, because the decisions he is making is that of a 5 year old. Kates going to end up with full custody because Jon has no way of supporting them and then she can do whateve she likes without his consent.

    • The unfortunate thing here, and I am not dissing anything you have stated, is that he does have income and is making money. Despite that – – –

  • If you are going to ban Jon, you gotta ban Kate. Jon is just stupid. No one can blame him for going on his “Boys gone Wild” tour after 10 years of bitch biting Kate. At least he finally says, whatever the motivation, “No more kids on TV.” Kate on the other hand will never stop pimping out those kids. Those kids were a career move. AND she has never stopped being a bitch. There has never been an excuse for her nastiness, she has had all the help in the world, people clamored to help her, give her things. She is just a big bitch in every sense of the word. So Beet, if you are being fair — no more Jon means no more Kate.

    • He isn’t ‘boys gone wild’…this is him. It’s his personality. It may have been cute in the beginning of their relationship and marriage. It may have even been an endearing quality if you could look past it. THANK GOD Kate kept him under control those 10 years. Could you imagine if she hadn’t? He is just no longer under mommys control, thats all. He is a ass wipe, plain and simple.

  • No matter how anyone feels about this guy, the best thing that could possibly come out of all of this is for the show to end. I’m neither Team Kate nor Team Jon, but good for him for halting production of this trainwreck! It should have ended several years ago. He’s no worse than Kate for wanting to “save his paycheck”, if that’s what he’s trying to do.

    • Oh Bella,
      I think your missing the big picture here. He is trying to save his paycheck so that it can be used for his purposes, not the kids. She is trying to save her paycheck so she can support the kids. There is where the major difference lies.

      • Oh, connie –

        How does anyone even KNOW what the big picture is? We all read the same stuff and watch the same stuff about this family, but none of us actually KNOWS what is real.
        Sounds to me like you are a Team Kate sheeple, and you believe every single lie that comes out of that *cough* Mother Of The Year’s *cough* mouth.
        I’m going Team Jon, after your comment. Kate has used just as much of the kids’ money on herself as Jon has, so don’t tell me that she’s trying to save her paycheck to “support the kids”. That’s exactly what she wants you to believe. Those 6 little cash cows were not an “accident”. She’s had her eye on the prize since the very beginning of fertility treatments, and she’s not about to go back to the Wyomissing days when she was praying for paper towels to show up on her doorstep and begging to have the utility bills paid by strangers.
        Good for Jon for finally halting production of the show, even if he’s doing it for the (wrong, as most of you think) reasons. At least those kids will have somewhat of their childhood left to salvage.
        KATE SUCKS!

      • Bella,

        I am on neither side, and it appears you may be choking on your own words, (cough, cough) for claiming that no one knows the whole story you seem to! All planned, begging for paper towels, blah, blah, blah! My point was simply that right now Jon is doing what is best for himself without anyone else in mind and if you think he is halting production for the sake of the kids, I have a bridge to sell you.

  • Let’s look back, shall we?
    Before Jon’s cheating, before it all, back when it WAS Jon AND Kate plus 8.
    What was everyone saying?
    They were saying, “oh my god, being filmed is terrible for their kids. It is not good.” “Stop filming.” blah blah blah
    and then, after the divorce everyone said, “oh my god. they should not have to go through something like that on national t.v.”

    So really, despite what you may think about Jon or Kate or their whole family, stopping the filming of the kids is what everyone wanted.
    Quit trashing Jon for asking for it.
    He may have done some other things wrong,
    but stopping filming is right.
    You’d all agree if Kate was the one stopping filming and you’d all say she was a great mother for it, too.

    • Yeah, we’d say Kate is a great mother only because if she stopped filming, that would mean she found another way to support her kids. Jon doesn’t have any other way, and he isn’t making any money. At least Kate has her books. But Jon is asking for their biggerst source of income to stop. Kate wouldn’t do that unless she had another way to support her kids. As much as I don’t like Kate, you have to admit she’s a great mother.

      • the problem is kate is NOT supporting her kids. THE KIDS ARE SUPPORTING THEMSELVES, which is quite disgusting. the kids’ lives made the show happen. anyway, kate and jon both should get real jobs and, hopefully if they were smart at all, they’ve saved some of the mass amounts of money they’ve made over the course of these years (look at their damn house!) and they could absolutely survive without a t.v. show. they could probably get some gigs off their “fame” without exploiting their children at all or at least to the same extent.
        i think it’s pretty lame to say that evil woman needs this show to support her family and as if she is taking care of them. that’s a joke.

      • No matter how you slice it – it is obvious that these children have life by the short and curlies. They are guaranteed a fulfilling, bright future. They will always have everything they need.

  • This just in! From Kate’s attorney as stated online

    These parties entered into an agreement once the divorce action was filed that allowed each parent – who had physical custody of the children – to make the filming decisions when the children were with them. When the children are with Kate, Jon agreed that Kate would make the filming decisions involving the kids.”

    Throw in the white flag Jon, YOU’RE DONE!

    • I loathe Jon. Bet he’ll change his tune when his new reality show “Jon Makes Child Support Payments For Eight” airs.

  • The authorities should remove all those kids from that freaky family and give them to rich and lonely Jennifer Aniston to cuddle and love and worry over.. Ha! I am soooooo many adopted, and premmie kids ahead of you Brangelina’s!

  • It seems all surreal. A couple of years ago this was a little show in TLC and now it is bigger and uglier than the year Britney Spears went crazy.

    The odd thing that I have not seen mention is where was Kate, when that sign got hung on the fence on their property. Obviously she was not home cause she would have ripped it down in full view of the media.

    So as his Summer Tour of Douche bag behavior continues she was out of town too. So technically who is watching the kids? Babysitters?

    • but of course babysitters are looking after the kids. jon has to cover his own butt and kate has to start her career. they don’t care about the kids or their needs.

  • I’m tired too of anything adult Gosselin. Ya know what? They are both bad parents who do not offer psychological, emotional or physical support for their children. Their children offer all of that for them. TLC needs to stop filming this family plus those other child explotive shows Toddler & Tiaras, the Duggars etc. TLC calls this entertainment?

  • Can we just make “reality tv” go away? I’m so, so tired of it. I feel like my IQ goes down a notch everytime I’m exposed to it.

  • Let me preface by saying that I dislike both of them.

    I think Jon is a detestable idiot. I think Kate is a detestable idiot with much smarter PR people and image coaches. Everyone is calling him a bum who doesn’t take care of his kids, which I find is probably not true. In the first few years of the shows, you’d HEAR a lot of things coming out of Kate’s mouth about all the work she did and all the work Jon did not do. But what you SAW? You SAW Jon brushing the kids’ teeth, giving the baths, dressing the kids, etc. And what you didn’t see but that we now know was that Kate had craft services for all meals during filming, a chef for when they were not filming, a babysitter, a person to wash laundry, a person to fold laundry, and a housekeeper. So this leaves me to ask, what work was Kate doing besides loudly stating that she did so much work?

    And if that’s the kind of person she was before, I do not think that her divorce has suddenly made her such a hands on mother. So just because we see Jon, while it’s his turn to be away from the children, parading about and acting like an ass, does not mean that when he is WITH his children he doesn’t tend to their needs. It doesn’t mean he does. I’m just saying we have no way of knowing. So I really am tired of people calling him a deadbeat. That is not a deadbeat. I’ve witnessed many more moments of him being a caring father, albeit a little immature, than I have of her being a compassionate mother. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, I’m just saying. By no means does she come out smelling like a rose.

    And to state that Kate is the only one bringing in money — well no. Technically, that first book was written by both of them. The moneymakers here are the children, who belong to both of them.

    And more to the point, this business of Jon being “fired” could be one of two scenarios, and I don’t think any of us are in a position to judge it, because you just have no way of knowing.

    Maybe TLC fired Jon and then he decided he would try to pull the plug on the show for spite.

    Or maybe Jon had been trying to get the show production stopped, maybe he found two brain cells to rub together and realized that what they’re doing to their children is causing them harm. (Duh!) Maybe when he did this, TLC’s countermove was to say, “Hey! You can’t quit. You’re fired.”

    Completely plausible either way. TLC is not a caring entity. They are a moneymaking, coldhearted corporation. If Jon had come to his senses and was trying to fuck with their biggest meal ticket, I have no doubts that they would attack full force.

    But at the same time, maybe Jon didn’t see the light. Maybe he got fired and decided to be douchey. My point, very long winded point… is that we don’t know and shouldn’t judge.

    But I really feel like, at the end of the day, whatever the means, this family needs to find an alternative means of living, even if it means Kate’s snide mug will be on our morning talk shows every day. Even if it means seeing Jon’s pasty chub out in Vegas clubs getting paid to drink with coeds. I don’t care. But these poor children need a life that is not broadcast into millions of homes. Even if it means their parents won’t be able to afford stupid cars and $300 worth of highlights, whatever it takes. Give these kids what’s left of their childhood to try and find normalcy. Whatever the means, whatever Jon’s intentions — it’s a good thing.

    • fuck that was a long comment… yet i read it and i agree. not only do we not know but what we do know (cause we have seen it on the show) just confirms the fact that kate is a bitch and jon is an idiot. i think that is why we see idiot jon making so many public mistakes, like the girls, like michael lohan, etc and kate being so poised and collected-its cause she´s acting. she´s smart enough to know how to decieve the public, and jon is just too dumb to pull that one off. that does not mean kate is a better mother, she´s just a bigger bitch with better PR.

    • Thank you Danielle! You took the words right out of my mouth! Kate is just a money hungry bitch with a great PR team and she is best buds with TLC. They are protecting her. Why? Because she is too greedy to put her kids first. Whatever motive Jon has for pulling the plug on the show…can’t we all agree here that the show ending would be the best thing for the kids? And honestly, Kate is a RN, it’s not like she couldn’t get a normal job. I’m not taking any sides but I do know when I smell a rotten fish disguised with an asymmetrical haircut and fake tan.

  • Why exactly is he putting a 90day hold on the divorce? Is it so he can be entitled to any money she receives during that period… someone enlighten me plz!

  • Kate should go on judge judy lol… She would put Jon’s ass in its place in no time…

    What a fucking dick. Honestly. I really hope the judge sees all that we see in him.