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I Guess I Need to Start Watching Julianna Margulies’ New Show?


The Good Wife brought in 13.4 million viewers this week, beating out Dancing with the Stars by a solid margin. Not too shabby, Nurse Hathaway.

What’s it even about? Do I need to start watching? And is she still married to that unbelievably hot lawyer guy in real life? I’d sure as hell be a good wife to that dude. Well, at least for a week or two, and mostly just to make Adam Duritz jealous, but whatever.

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  • Show is pretty good actually. It’s about this lawyer who has been out of work for 12 years because she became a house wife. She goes back into law though when her husband, who was the former district attorney, is surrounded by scandal and convicted for some kind of crime. She starts working again as a lawyer when she have to support her family again.

  • i caught the season premier, but i was tuning n out. I dont like the guy who plays her husband (Mr. Big from sex in the city). Given the ratings, im definitely curious now!

  • It looked like a good show. I’ll wait for the DVD.

    What I can’t get over is how incredibly Photoshopped she is in all the advertisement/marketing materials. She’s pretty but they almost make her look like a cartoon.

  • Ugh…that’s Julianna Margulies? She has Hollywood-face; it’s impossible to tell who she is. I was guessing Sandra Bullock. I liked her real face.

  • Great show…. Tivo it! Never saw her in her other shows (only one not to?)… She is gorgeous and smart in this one…

  • I think “The Good Wife” is the kind of television viewers want to start seeing again on their small screens. The ratings prove that Reality TV is lacking the kind of substance people are looking for in this particular media. I’m over the Reality phenomena – sure as hell hope others are too! Then maybe we’ll get some quality TV again!

  • This is the first time I ever seen her in a TV show. I never watched ER. Plus I do like the premise of this show. Tho I think her husband was a state level attorney. Not county.

    I like the casting and it is well written. Even if it is another lawyer show.

    I will admit that she looks incredible in this show. Flawless makeup and great lighting. Alot like a movie in the look of the show. Looks expensive.

  • It’s actually pretty good, at least the first two episodes were. Her husband was fired as DA and went to jail because he was caught up in a sex scandal, for which she slapped the living hell out of him (!) but chose to stay in the marriage… at least for now. She’s working as a lawyer to support their 2 kids while he goes through appeals, and HIS mother lives with her to babysit. Lots of twists and turns, I’m gonna keep watching… As for Chris Noth, I’m not crazy about him, but he doesn’t play a very big part, being in jail and all…

  • didn’t even read the post…when i saw the pic i thought it was Michael Jackson! Julianna might want to get a new look….

  • Watch it. It’s a smart, well-written show. I liked the pilot better than the
    second episode, but the second show was still better than most.

  • I love this show! It’s about time we got a great new show that is not more reality crap! Check it out!