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Drew Barrymore’s Whip It Premiere


Last night was the premiere of Drew Barrymore’s new movie and directorial debut, Whip It.  She arrived on the red carpet fondling co-star Ellen Page and cuddling up with her old E.T. director, Steven Spielberg.  Also there was Drew’s other co-star, Juliette “I Can’t Believe You And Your Yellow Teeth Were Once Engaged to Brad Pitt” Lewis and Barrymore’s Flower Films partner Nancy Juvonen (you may remember her for her controversial biceps). On-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Long was nowhere to be found.

Now, I know a lot of you thought it was just the result of some weight-loss, but I still think Drew’s face looks completely retooled ala PTA mom.  Gladly, she listened to the masses and got rid of her two-tone hair.

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  • Looks like Fat Arms took some advice and covered those things up. Drew looks like she just rolled out of bed. Her hair is horrible. Glad she got rid of the two tone but still, ugh.

  • The hair and make-up look horrible. Kind of junkie’ish, daily bar-hanging, horrible.

    But her body looks good, right? I think she looks healty.

  • Justin Long was there, or at least he was in the pictures that I saw posted on ONTD, which makes me think that they are on again.

  • What is going on with the top corners of Drew’s lips? Strange…

    Ellen Page looks adorable though… I would see the movie just because of her!

  • Drew has lost weight, had some botox or other filler around the eyes and in the forehead, and her lipstick shape is ridiculous. That’s it, in my expert opinion. :-)

    • Yeah well he has some varied tastes in women. Wasn’t he engaged or real serious with Gwenyth Paltrow too? Jennifer Aniston, Angelina.

  • No way is that Juliette Lewis…that is a drag queen. Or Steven Tyler with some fat injections in his face. Meh. And her and Drew have the worst yellow teeth ever!!!

  • I love Drew Barrymore (find her totally sexy and charming and batshit crazy) and Ellen Page. I have tickets to see a screening of this movie for tonight at 7 and cant wait to see what its all about.

    I think Drew is aging well, no?