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DJ AM’s Cause Of Death Confirmed To Be An Accidental Overdose


Investigators have closed the case on Adam Goldstein (known as DJ AM) after ruling it to be an accidental overdose. When Goldstein was found in his apartment, he had six Oxycontins in his stomach, as well as one lodged in his throat. He had several other drugs in his system, including cocaine, hydrocodone, Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Benadryl and Levamisole, a drug that is often cut with cocaine. When he was found, there was also a crack pipe next to his body.

The cause of death is the same thing that killed Heath Ledger, an uneducated mix of over-the-counter and prescription drugs that would be lethal in anyone’s system. As we’ve said time and again around here, this death is particularly tragic as Goldstein, a recovering crack addict, had been sober for about nine years when he passed away. The relapse has been attributed to everything from the guilt he suffered after being one of the only two survivors in a plane crash (along with buddy and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker) and the recent break up of him and his model girlfriend, Hayley Wood.

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  • How do you take all that crap and not think this could kill me? Is there no accountability? I think the Accidental Overdose rulings are just so people and business can collect on their insurance policies! It’s such a shame.

  • Being a former drug user myself, I can totally see how people “accidentally” kill themselves. I took all kinds of shit at once and never did I think I would overdose. I was just getting high. It’s not the kind of accident I think most people associate the word accident with. Most drug users are self destructive (obviously) and put their lives at risk every time they smoke, snort, inject, or swallow their drug of choice, I completely understand that. I wish u could imagine how different this would have been had he intentionally overdosed, ya know? So accidental death or not, I don’t think he went into it thinking this would be the last time he would get high. No addict does.

  • Congratulations on putting your drug use in the past, CallinIt… But your remarks, “I wish u could imagine how different this would have been had he intentionally overdosed, ya know? So accidental death or not, I don’t think he went into it thinking this would be the last time he would get high.” leave me wondering what you mean.

    Since the poor guy is dead, how could it have been different if his overdose was intentional? Sadly, a lethal overdose, intentional or not, has the same outcome as an accidental one. And if his death was not accidental, then he certainly would have been thinking that this was the last time that he was getting high. He certainly had enough knowledge of what he was doing to kill himself deliberately and he may have despairingly concluded that he had lost his battle with drugs and that his life wasn’t worth living as an addict.

    Keep up the good work on your abstaining; it’s very much to your credit.

    • think straight–thank u for the positive comments :)
      I saw people saying things about how this wasn’t an accidental death and I was trying to shed some light on how it was probably accidental. That is why I suggested how it would have been different had it been intentional. Perhaps if he was intentionally overdosing he would have had the notion to leave a note for his family. Or would have OD’d on just one or two drugs, we will never know for certain, but as someone who has lived my life just as selfishly I know that in my mind I didn’t think I was going to die while using (even knowing how dangerous drugs are). Never really crossed my mind while I was out of my mind.
      I am not saying that I couldn’t be way off base here. I agree that it is possible it was an impulsive decision he made while high, realizing that he had lost control over his sobriety. Like you said, either way he is gone now and we know drugs are the reason for his death.
      Addiction is a very powerful thing and we can never quite comprehend what it really is like for that person.

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