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Jenny Slate Said Fuck Her First Night On SNL!

Well, I took off my lotion gloves to get this video out to you, so I hope y’all are happy. I’m in LA and it hasn’t aired out here yet, so I haven’t had a chance to see what it looks like on the edited West Coast feed, but new Saturday Night Live cast member Jenny Slate dropped an f-bomb in the middle of what I believe was her very first sketch on SNL ever.  Wow.

Her face after is absolutely priceless and endearing. I hope she doesn’t kill herself tonight. Personally, I think it was kinda pimp.

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    • It’s not that the word “fuck” is a big deal, but when you’re watching SNL you’re not expecting it. Would I be shocked at hearing “fuck” in a Quentin Tarantino movie? No. Hearing “fuck” on SNL is not expected and does catch one off guard.

  • Sometimes I do that, where my husband stops me and says, “Do you know you just said fuck in the middle of (whatever I was saying)?” and I always deny it – although I do it far less now that I can’t drink because I’m pregnant.

    But, if that’s how she’s going to roll in her first skit – I fuckin’ love her for that. *oops face*

    • Yeah, basically you can hear the f-word at least twelve times just walking down one aisle in Wal-Mart in the middle of the day, but God forbid it pops up ona TV show that only airs after 11:30 at night!

    • It’s such a big deal because it’s the word you can’t say. Norm MacDonald said it on Weekend Update a long time ago and got canned. He didn’t handle his mistake quite so well though. :/

    • I agree. Our news would be so much better if Katie Couric said cunt and fuck and shit and obama and piss and pussy and all those words that make us americans cringe when we hear them on the news.

  • I have no problems with what she said…but you watch the media is going to be ALL over this like stink on shit..They will force her to apoligize…I think she did it for rating…LOL Hey lets watch next week to see what she says..LOL

    • i think it was an accident. if you look at her face, she looks very surprised and flustered that she said it. also, at the end of the episode, she has the “oh god, i screwed up face” when seth meyer is hugging her.

  • I hope this clip wasn’t an indication of how “funny” that broadcast was.
    Cheri Oteri once uttered a prohibited “vulgar” word during SNL’s live broadcast; she atoned for that transgression by putting a dollar in a swear jar during that broadcast’s closing sequence. Classic.

  • I agree with the people up there, i don’t think it should be such a big deal, and knowing that there’s worse stuff they play on tv, and say on tv, saying fuck seems harmless at this point.

    I didn’t think it was funny, and i have never watched that show in my life, so all i can say is, that i agree with Molls, her face afterwards is priceless!

  • I never understand why people are so uptight about things like this.
    It lasts a fraction of a second for God’s sake. How could this possible be offensive to anyone. I had to replay the clip several times just to clearly hear it myself.

    It’s an error anyone could make being placed on a LIVE tv show. Who hasn’t made some kind of mistake their first few days on a new job?

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