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MTV Wants to Move Forward With DJ AM’s Sobriety Show


Shortly before his passing, DJ AM filmed eight episodes of an Intervention-like show for MTV titled, Gone Too Far.  The basic premise of the show focuses on AM confronting users in a tough-love manner, urging them to enter rehab.  After his death at the end of August, the network scrapped the October 5th premiere date and shelved the project.  A few weeks have passed and now MTV has been communicating with Adam’s family in hopes that they’ll bless the show and agree on an airdate.

This will go one of two ways.  Option 1:  Viewers will think AM was a hypocrite, considering his own tragic end was caused by drug use.  Option 2:  Viewers will realize the true fragility of sobriety.  It’s never a “done deal” and addicts must truly work at it one day at a time … for life.

Option 3 is a given:  Everyone will watch, ratings will be high.  People are just too curious about young, dead celebs.

R.I.P. Adam.  I hope your show saves a life.

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  • I am just totally shocked that MTv wants to cash in on the untimely death of a young man! It is and will always be about money in the messed up Hollywood world….

  • For once I think maybe MTV isn’t thinking about their own pockets. A lot of people came out after his death and said he spent alot of time trying to help others get sober. Many people said that he saved their lives and I can’t think of a better way to honor his spirit then to air some of those episodes. I didn’t know him personally but as a family member of two recovering users I can say that one person can make a world of difference and I think he did. I hope they air it.

  • I think that it would be a good idea to show the series because sobriety is not easy. My stepdad was a huuuuuge coke addict while I was growing up and it was sad. He was in jail numerous times and finally got sober… He HAD been sober for almost 10 years… then, he relapsed. Its just so aweful because he had worked so hard to stay clean for a long time. Adam was very committed to his sobriety almost until the end. Because of the traumatic events that took place last year, it was that trigger that set off not only his depression but also his addiction. I hope this show will be able to shine a light for those who are not only struggling with addition but with depression as well… As a huge fan, I am still so sad about what happened to him

  • Wendie… you summed it up in your last sentence. If his show saves one life, then everything he went throught meant something.

  • I think it’s okay. The whole message about sobriety needs to be out there. And presented honestly. Steve O’s thing he did was great, but from reading interviews, it’s clear he’s still struggling. I just hope MTV isn’t too overly sappy or tacky about it.

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