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We’ll Finally See A Lot Less of K-Fed

We’re going to start seeing a lot less of Kevin Federline, but not in the way we hoped.  He hasn’t decided to move out of Hollywood and buy a Sonic franchise in North Carolina and he isn’t moving to Japan to pursue his “singing career”.

Kev has signed on to participate in Celebrity Fat Fit Club on VH1.  I don’t know what’s up with this dude — the first three letters of his last name might lend a clue — but look at the difference in just two years!  I’ve got the before and after pics in the gallery.

Kevin Feedbag will be joining Nicole Eggert, Bobby Brown and his other ex, Shar Jackson.

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    • wow, you just wrote my whole life story, but I can say from experience that eating a whole bag of baby carrots is as satisfying as eating a whole bag of cheddar sun chips when your stoned
      he needs to switch to that method

  • Aw, come on people. He’s been putting that weight on deliberately for that weight loss show! He’ll go on, lose a dramatic amount of weight, praise god and get a chunk of cash…

  • That chick is still with him? We all know Fed has the personality of a pea, so she can’t be with him for his personality…