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Hey, guys.  Do you have any plans in, say, December?  If you have any free time, let’s meet up back here and discuss Khloe Kardashian’s divorce, okay?

Kelly told you this weekend that Khloe Kardashian — the fat one according to Kim — was engaged to NBA player Lamar Odom.  She also predicted a pretty quick divorce, but I don’t think any of us could have anticipated just how quickly these two idiots would be getting hitched.  After one month of dating, the two are marrying.  This weekend.  And this isn’t some Star magazine item.  This is People, so it must be true.

The wedding plans are being thrown together this week and formal invitations are going to be delivered.  I hope they’re taking some time to swing by the attorney’s office for a pre-nup.

Lay it on me.  I want to hear all the “My parents married on their first date and have been together for 34 years” stories.  Go.

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  • Married after 3 weeks of knowing each other. Will celebrate 20 years, 3 kids, 8 dogs, and lots of laughs, tears, and stress in January.

  • My parents got engaged on their 2nd date, and married 2 months later. They’ve been married 29 years.

    When I was a kid, I begged them to get a divorce. I wish they had, because they are terrible for each other.

    These two are different from my parents, though. It may work for them.

  • Yeah, it can work out…outside of Hollywood. My mother and stepfather married after 4 months together and will celebrate their 15th anniversary this year.

    But, yeah, they’re celebrities, so I don’t give them much faith.

  • My parents married after a year of knowing each other, six months of dating. They were happily married for 9 years until my mom died. I believe they would have been married for a good long time, had my mom lived. My dad hasn’t remarried (or even date much) after almost 13 years.

  • married after 4 months of dating.. just had our 2 year anniversary <3
    but we knew eachother for 5 years prior.

    in hollywood even the most ‘responsible’ arrangements fall apart.

    i give it 5 months.

  • Okay beet,
    My husband asked me to marry him on our second date. We started dating the end of oct and got married in Jan. We celebrate 14 yrs in Jan. We have 2 kids,2 dogs, 1 cat and a lot of fish so….

  • well, khloe had to do SOMETHING first. kim made the first sex tape, kourt is making the first baby….khloe is making the first divorce.

  • I love that this is really happening. I hope she isn’t pregnant… and they are really doing it cause they want to.

    Because it will complete wall to wall coverage of Khloe being the the sister that the paparazzi chases down the street… and it will just kill Kim to be ignored.

    Oh! oh! oh! maybe E! is going to film the whole thing and there will be a “very special episode” devoted to it! Everyone knows it will be a train wreck of a show… and will pull in huge ratings.

  • I thought Khloe was the sensible one! Does anybody in this family take anything seriously? Oh wait. Guess not.

  • my parents got engaged on their thrid date, married three months later, and just celebrated their 43rd anniversary on the 3rd of September. That being said, my parents are people of strong conviction and personal self-worth….something not a single Kardashian sister would know anything about. I enjoy telling my parent’s story, but don’t give this couple more than a snowball’s chance in Hell!

  • Just because some of you (or your parents) got married quickly and stayed married, doesn’t mean you’re right for each other. You could just be equally stubborn and don’t believe in divorce or just give up and stay together out of fear (meaning you’re afraid you won’t find anyone else so why bother looking). Lots of people in my family are unhappily married because it’s a “sin” to get divorced.

    Then again, a lot of you (or your parents) could be happily married even after a quickie wedding…..but most of the time, that’s not the case.

  • we were dating 10 yrs never got even engaged, broke things up he met a girl a month after we broke up, they were together 2 WEEKS before getting married, now they have 3 yrs together, 2 kids, and a house.