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Jennifer’s Body- Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Body, that is

Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover of the October issue of Shape magazine

Well,  it’s happened again; needless and debatably immoral airbrushing on the cover of a magazine. And just like last time, it’s yet another “women’s health” magazine that claims to focus on “Diet, Fitness, and Healthy Eating.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt appears on the cover of the October issue of Shape magazine. Now, she is by no means an overweight woman, but even so, this health and fitness magazine airbrushed her size 2 ass. You can see the October cover on the left and pictures of a slightly hippier, thicker in the waist Love Hewitt on vacation in Hawaii last month.

Part of the blurb for the October issue on Shape‘s website reads:

“For the most part, yeah, I’m happy with my body, but there are days when I’m like, ‘Ugh! Really? Why is it so hard to fit into my jeans?’ That’s when I say to myself, ‘I look this way because I’m supposed to. If we all looked the same, we’d be boring.'” Here, she reveals her stay-healthy-and-happy strategies as well as her work out that she uses to stay slim and confident.

I’m not blaming Jennifer. What the magazine chooses to do with their cover is their business. It’s not often that I take the moral high ground– mostly because I spend so much time traversing the moral low ground that taking the high ground represents a rather strenuous and perilous climb for me. But if Shape magazine were a person, it should be downright ashamed of itself.

I can understand airbrushing out cellulite, blemishes, or shadows to present a cosmetically pleasing image. I can even begrudgingly acknowledge that a high fashion magazine– whose modus operandi is to present unrealistic images of clothing and women– might digitally eliminate a few pounds from a model to make her look thinner than she actually is.

But the hypocrisy of magazines that claim to be devoted to fitness, exercise, and “Total Body Confidence” airbrushing inches off someone as thin as Jennifer Love Hewitt to make her look even thinner while plying its readers with exercise moves guaranteed to “Take an Inch off your Hips” is just disgustingly impalpable….Unless their method for taking an inch off your hips involves Photoshop. And it doesn’t.

Seriously, if you have a subscription to Self or Shape magazine, you should probably cancel it. Right now. They’re just proving themselves to be full of crap and lies.

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  • This seems really exaggerated, your article that is. I think they just have her standing in a more flattering position in the magazine. She really looks the same size to me.

    • She’s definitely been photoshopped a lot. She may look the same size to someone with an untrained eye. But as a digital and fine artist I can tell you that they’ve done a fair amount of work on her. Nothing unnecessary for a magazine cover though. Covers call for a certain amount of editing work.

      • Nothing unnecessary for a magazine cover though.
        That was pretty much my point. Every magazine cover will have airbrushing. I was just pointing out how it wasn’t as extreme as Kelly was making it seem.

    • I disagree. They most definitely altered her body for the cover. Sure it helps they positioned her in a certain way. But not only did they shave inches off… they chiseled her waist in and added sculpted ab muscles. They may have well just pasted her head onto someone elses photo because it’s a totally different body.

      Why do you think Shape magazine got so upset that Jenny McCarthy blatantly admitted that her cover shoot was airbrushed. Sad to say– but the magazines are only half at fault. The consumers are the ones with the buying power and we the consumers are buying into this plastic, fakeness.

  • I agree. I can’t tell if this example of Jennifer is exactly outrageous, but the Kelly Clarkson cover definitely was. It’s one thing if it’s a fashion magazine, a totally different story if you’re a health, fitness ” body confidence, yay” type of magazine.

  • JLH doesn’t have a bikini perfect body, so why put her in a bikini on the cover and Photoshop the shit out of it? Why not a form fitting dress? She would look good and the magazines wouldn’t be BSing their readers. Or split the difference and put a real person on the cover-now THAT would sell magazines.

  • Until Jennifer Love Hewitt decides to git seriously nekkid for “Playboy”, or, on some (boinking her brains out) sex tape, I will settle for seeing her in a bikini. Whether she has an inch or two air-brushed off of her tummy is irrelevant to me. It also doesn’t matter to me whether she is on the cover of a serious Health and fitness magazine, or, in a tabloid. She is still a celebrity and subsequently composed of equal parts of silicone and hype. Perhaps, “Self” magazine should stick to real people on the cover in order to maintain journalistic integrity (lots of luck with sales.)) However, anyone who purchases a magazine with a celebrity gracing the cover should heed the words of the old carnival barker, ” You pays your money and takes your chances.”

    By the way, did I mention that whatever size she is reported to be ( air-brushed, or not ), she is still a hot piece of ass.

  • The point is, it’s Shape magazine and they claim that you can look beautiful and healthy by working out and eating healthfully. They pride themselves on using “healthy” models inside the magazine and focusing on real people who have lost weight, shaped up, etc. in a healthful manner. Putting Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover and photoshopping the shit out of it makes them look like liars. Come on, if she has to be airbrushed to “look good”, then what chance does a normal person have? It’s not Vogue or US Weekly or People, it’s a “health” magazine. That’s the big deal. She most definitely does NOT look the same size in both pictures. By shaving a few (or more than a few) pounds off of her makes it seem like she isn’t good enough to be on the cover as herself.

  • I think JLH looks great. Sure there was some minor touch ups done, but she is in a very different (and supportive) bathing suit and a much more flattering pisition in the magazine photo. She had the benefit of professional makeup, and photographers who know what angle gives the best shot.
    That black bathing suit did nothing for her, it did not hold up her chest and the bottom was cut way to low to flatter her figure!!! Either way she is a stunning women and doesn’t need grieve over her figure. Wake up America this is a beautiful women and we are still saying she isn’t good enough, what a horrible shame!

  • Anyone who accepts this joke of a cover is naive. They made her face larger to balance her body, made her shoulders less sloping, added breast implants and muscles, and did liposuction on her thighs. When it comes right down to it, I think they put her head on someone else’s body. She does not have a great figure. Just look at that photo from Hawaii. She’s not beautiful or even pretty in any picture. Her appeal baffles me.