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In the Twilight of Her Career

DeAnna Pappas twitters about Rachelle Lafevre

In a contest of irrelevancy, Rachelle Lafevre and former Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas, hung out last night at the pre-Emmy charity gifting suite at the London Hotel in L.A.

The bachelorette tweeted about the encounter and seemed pretty excited about meeting the actress formerly known as Victoria from the Twilight series of films. This makes her one of three people in America who care about Rachelle Lafevre and one of one people in America who care about DeAnna Pappas.

Lafevre commented on recently being fired from the cast of the Twilight: Eclipse film, saying, “That’s the kind of thing you can’t anticipate in a career. It was devastating, I didn’t see it coming.”

Honestly, at this point calling it a “career” is a fine little bit of nomination-worthy acting in itself. Now that she’s been dismissed from what was most likely the biggest acting role she’ll ever have, what route do you think she’ll take? Will it be community theater and autograph sessions with chubby goth kids at  Milwaukee Fantasy-con or an appearance on celebrity Blind Date and a spread in Hustler?

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  • ummm that seemed a bit harsh. it obviously is her career, have you looked at he imdb page? shes been in tons of stuff. sure shes on the z list and thus far twilight has been the pinnacle of her fame, but hell everyone starts somewhere. and even if thats the biggest thing she ever does there will always be a need for someone to play bit parts one television shows and made for tv movies. lots of actors dont even get that far.

    • i agree with you, this post was unnecessarily harsh.

      to Kelly: if these people are so irrelevant, than why did you create a post about them??

      • I agree with both of you.
        And while we’re there, when I b*ch on someone, at least I check the spelling of their name…

  • Jesus, who shit in your cheerios? So she was in Twilight…. like she can’t ever work again? Couple this post with your Khloe Kardashian post (and God! I don’t even like her!! OR Lamar Odom!!) but the humor today is sorely lacking in the humor dept. Excess of vitriol, however.