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Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze Are Over, Too


Well, as summer exits, this always happens. People break up left and right, famous or not. The newest star couple to split is Michelle Williams and director Spike Jonze, which is kind of a bummer because I think we were all hoping that Michelle was moving on post-Heath Ledger in a healthy way. However, as she says in the October issue of Vogue, moving on felt anything but healthy, “The timing was impossible. I thought falling in love again was the only thing that was going to save me from the pain. This erroneous idea: It just makes things more complicated.”

What makes this even more sad it that her grieving process has been quite long and started even before Heath passed away. It’s been said that the only reason why the two broke up in the first place was because Michelle couldn’t watch his life-ruining drug use anymore. She goes on to say in the Vogue article “I was holding it together by a string and a paper clip in the fall and winter. I didn’t know if I could keep it all together … You console yourself by saying it’s all a deepening process. But it’s weird. After the first year, the pain is less intense — it’s less immediate. But the magical thinking goes away too. And that’s a whole new reckoning.”

What do you even say about that? I hope that Michelle is able to find some happiness soon.

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  • Onstage, she’s a pro… However, I met her in person and she appears outwardly to be as sad as she claims. I hope she finds happiness at some point again, too.

  • i wonder why that one person who was working with heath right before his death (was it christopher nolan?) said he kept trying everything he could do to salvage their relationship but nothing was good enough for her.

  • Heath’s death just left behind so many complications. I wonder how things will play out once Matilda gets older, because she’s going to have a hell of a lot to sift through, between the things Heath owned to the news articles and broadcasts, and then there are the movies her father made and the awards he won.

    I just hope she can focus on the good things about her father, as bittersweet as everything will be.

  • I saw the cover of the Vogue… and she looks incredible. She looks great with the short hair.

    But the grieving is something everyone handles differently. And I would hate to have to do it… with the friggin paparazzi chasing me and my small child down the street.

  • Only time will help and it can take many years to be really able to move on. I know it by my own and others experience. I very much hope that something good comes out of all this, that the pain and grief was not for nothing. A loss like hers can open up the heart to the pain of other people who go through similar experiences. Imagine – in war zones dramatic loss happens all the time. May be it will connect Michelle to those who share her experience, and she can become a benefactor, someone, who out of the depth of her own wound can draw compassion for those so much more unfortunate. A dear friend of mine lost her husband through an accident. From one second to the next her beloved partner was gone, her whole life destroyed. She was left behind with a 3 month old and a 3 year old child. She became a grief counselor and found new love after she was fully available again – it took 10 years.

    My heart and blessings go out to Michelle and Matilda

  • It breaks my heart to read something like that…

    As a side note, I do agree with Alicia. It’s great to see a celebrity express herself so well! Sadly, we don’t see that often…