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What Did Drew Do?



Is it me, or does the entire shape of Drew Barrymore’s face look different?  What happened?  Could the dyed-black ends of her hair really make her look that angular?  If so, pass me some Miss Clairol like, yesterday.  I can’t figure it out … it’s like she stole Cate Blanchett’s nose or something.  I was looking through all the photo agency pics taken of Drew this year and she did go through a little phase in June where she was wearing a winter scarf.  Maybe she got that Leno chin shaved down a millimeter or two?  I do think she looks great — just really different.

The top picture is Drew as she appeared this weekend at the Toronto Film Festival and the bottom pic is Drew as she appeared doing press in January for He’s Just Not That Into You.

Updated to say:  I just did some research and I’m happy to report that the folks over at Awful Plastic Surgery are wondering the same thing.

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  • sad if she got surgery. makes her seem less of the “awesome be yourself chick” and more of the “she’s just like the rest of them”. :( i hope it’s just a weight thing.

  • I agree with the above commenters that it looks like she lost a lot of weight… which is unfortunate because she was such a good, healthy weight before. Oh well. Another one bites the dust.

  • first of all, her hair looks like one of those shoe polishers you find in the upscale hotels. Gack!

    I think she looks odd because she’s dropped some weight. And what’s up with that thing on her neck. One side is clearly her tendon, but the other side looks like a lump. Thyroid trouble??

  • I am going with a TON of weight lost. She has always carried her baby weight and had a rounder face/body because of it. Kind of making her always look younger ya know? Like she would forever have the same face she had in ET. I thought she was adorable and healthy because of it and now it seems she somehow got rid of it.

  • i think it’s just weight loss and aging, I experienced it myself last year. I’m 33 and things change…. She still looks good, just less cute and more like a woman.

    • I’m with you. I’ll be 34 soon, and people have started asking me if I’ve lost a lot of weight over the last year or so. I haven’t. It just rearranges itself when you age. I always had a “baby face” like Drew and it has thinned out a lot. None of my rings, bracelets, or anklets fit anymore because my extremities are thinner, as weird as that sounds. But I have booty for the first time in my life. Sadly, it’s been accompanied by saddle bags.

      Anyway, yes, aging.

  • There’s a blind item on Gawker about a certain actress who had the fat sucked out of her cheeks and something else injected under her cheekbones. Looks like her.

  • I really think she’s just aging beautifully. I’ve noticed in my sisters that your face can change pretty dramatically as you get older.

  • I think she just lost a ton of weight too, at least that was my first impression. Her nose in the 1st and 2nd picture are also from different angles. She doesn’t look like she did any surgery to me.

  • Looks like she lost weight. And not in a good way. More like a Squinty Zellweger way. She looks about 10 years older in the top pic.

  • weight lose. i was thinking the other day that her boobs were way smaller too. kinda sad cause i always thought she was pretty and healthy looking.

  • I’ll tell you what Drew did not do: get some Crest White Strips! Gahhh, homegirl needs to get on that STAT! Please! Yellow chompers are not cool

  • I’ve been thinking this for awhile. She does not look the same, something has been done. She has a more perfect, less quirky-adorable look to her face. Kinda creeps me out.

  • from defamer blind items – “3. “Although this actress has always been in good shape, her face was always a little too round for her liking. You may notice that her face looks a little different now, but it’s not because she lost any weight. She had some fat sucked out of the hollows of her cheeks, and something else – perhaps Restylane – injected into the high part of the cheek. Compared to the plastic work done on other actresses, this is definitely more on the subtle side. Her face now looks a little longer and leaner, but not in a bad way.””

  • that second pic doesn’t even look like her either, she looks so much older. I feel like I am looking at Diane Sawyer.

  • She looks grotesque in the recent shot, like a wet cat on a bad hair day grimacing and pretending its foot isn’t caught in a trap. She was still so classically cute and distinctive in the January shot. It seems only yesterday she was just a kid — and now she seems to have passed my (physical) age going 100 mph. Sad. I can only hope her fresh and youthful character has not disappeared down the plastic surgeons’ drain (and sports car funds) too.

  • Weight loss seems to be the key issue here, but I’d add that aging–specifically, the loss of female hormone–looks to be what’s going on with Drew. The thing is that extreme weight loss in women also drastically lowers their estrogen levels.
    As a woman myself it alarms me, because it duplicates what happens in a woman’s body at menopause–loss of hormone, invisible loss of bone density, etc.

    All one need do is look at Drew’s skin to see the changes. Until recently she had the milky, fair skin of youth. Now it’s aging, and frankly the skin looks more alarming to me than the weight loss.

    Not plastic surgery; dieting.

  • I’m sorry but I have always thought she looked like a mess. Her hair is horrible in both pictures. New one looks like a bad home hair coloring attempt at looking goth and the older looks like a bad attempt of going 60’s for a costume party. The color is gross and she looks very old. She always seems to be trying too hard and it never works.