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New Moon Extended Trailer

As you probably know, I haven’t read or watched any of the Twilight series.  I do know that Twilight fans have November 20th — the premiere date for The New Moon — marked on their calendars.

This new extended trailer actually makes the movie look a bit interesting.  Should I be downloading the books to my Kindle and catching up?  It appears to be a modern-day Romeo and Juliet except with fangs.  How close am I?

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    • Actually, you’re pretty far off.

      His family loves her, but every other vamp hates his family because they are “vegetarian” vamps, where they only drink animal blood, not human blood.

      I read the first book and I’ve had so many screaming tweens tell me about this series that I know a lot about it. The acting is awful, the actors are worse and the book itself is pitiful. I work in a bookstore at that, so many sad people come in saying “OMG, I haven’t read in awhile but I read Twilight. All I have to say is, if every book is like Twilight, then all books must be amazing.”

      No. Just no.

      But then again, there are millions of people out there who love this stuff, so, you could be one, go for it.

      I’m not, but that is just me.

      • how anoying that must be! that would be like me working at the movie store and all tweens coming in to rent ‘popstar’!

  • yeah the books arent that well written but im not going to pretend I didn’t enjoy them. You can tell there is a new director and everything- looks like the cast is using different (better) contacts too. Dakota Fanning looks awesome.

    • I’m completely the opposite, lol. I hated the book (thought it really dragged), but I enjoyed the movie. Oscar worthy? No. Enjoyable? Yes.

  • Don’t waste the money on the books, the premise of the story itself isn’t that bad, but the writing makes it unreadable. I kind of actually fear for the youth of America if that is what they are using as a literary standard bearer.

    • FYI…and you can trust me on this…no one in america (including kids who are obsessed with the series) would consider it a literary standard

      • f’real. im pretty sure that most people who read and obsess about twilight realize its not up there with jane austen and shakespeare. everyone knows its basically brain candy.

  • There’s not that much Volturi action in the book. It looks like they stepped it up for the movie.
    The books are poorly written Romeo and Juliet. I consider it the literary equivalent of Charmed. It’s definitely entertaining, but I wouldn’t call it good.
    The only character who’s actually believable is Jacob. One believable character from a four book series is not a ringing endorsement.

  • her writing skills are overrated but its one of those trashy books that are good to read and get your mind of things, the first movie wasn’t special at all i think its more like a teen craze and kristin stewart really is a pretty horrible actress.. you should read one see what you make of it and then decide if you want to carry on with the rest!

  • Guess this trailer isn’t leaving much mystery as to whether they meet up again! Sheesh. Is it just me or are trailers nowadays less of a teaser, and more like the entire movie encapsulated in a 30-second spot?

    • It wasn’t really a mystery that they were going to meet up again. . . . anyone who read the book would know that. If I recall correctly, they actually meet up about halfway through the book. I think it would be pretty hard to do the trailer about just Bella’s party and her being depressed!

    • My thoughts exactly. The trailer might look “tempting” for someone who has not read the book. But if you have, you simply find yourself wondering why they had to give away all of it, up to and including the ending.

      • actually they didnt give that much away because they changed it from the book because i recall that nothing happens in volterra so there is much more to be explained in the movie,,,the twilight movie was a bit repulsive and not well directed specially bad actors

  • A lot of the acting is embarrassing and totally lacking the right emotion, but I’m still eager to see the movie. c:
    It’s good for entertainment value & I did enjoy the books.
    It’s a shame people read too deeply into the series (excuse the pun) and have huge drawn-out arguments about it; forgetting that its purpose is just to be an enjoyable piece of reading (which for many it is) and wasn’t intended to revolutionise literature, or something. My policy on literature/movies is that if you don’t enjoy them, don’t dwell on them; as it’s only self-torture. :’D

  • I refused to read the books. I have not seen the movie. Last week while at the beach I read my mother’s helper’s copy of twilight. It is not that well written, but there is something so easy about the story that you get lost in it and hooked. It is a very quick read and a well deserved break from my 5 mo and 2 year old. Since Thurs I read Twilight, New Moon and I am just starting Eclipse. I have found myself reading at 3am feedings and not wanting to stop. I do know what the buzz is all about now…if I didn’t have access to the free books, I would have bought them on the kindle (so weird reading the real books now)

    • @Michelle

      I’m so in agreement with you. I refused to read the books too for the longest time – not adamantly but just couldn’t be bothered until my husband bought me Twilight for Mother’s Day. My initial thought was WTF? but I finally picked it up and could not put it down. Literary brilliance it isn’t but it hooked me and it hooked me good. For me, it was essentially a nice light break from reality. I think I finished the whole series within a month which for me is something these days. I even spent the majority of a Sunday in bed reading New Dawn while my husband did stuff with the kids. I couldn’t stop.

    • I agree with you completely, I’ve read all the books and continue to roll my eyes at my over-obsessed Twilight friends, but they’re not the worst thing I’ve ever read. Meyer won’t ever be a literary master, but who honestly expects anything remotely masterful when it’s directed at a younger audience?

  • I read the first book and it was..meh. I saw the movie (we even own it because my 7 year old brother LOVES it) and it was entertaining, but the acting is just awful. This movie looks really good, and even though I’m probably not going to read any of the other books, even though my sister bought them all, I’m probably going to see the movies. And this one has a shirtless Jacob. =] Damn. I would want Bella to end up with him in the end, but he’s too good for her. Can’t wait to see this movie though. The acting still looks pretty bad, but the movie looks like it would be entertaining, and of course, more Jacob.

  • wendie, there are so many people who think they are above the twilight series, and then read the books and understand what all the fuss is about. at the time of the 4th book’s release, i was working at barnes and noble and did the midnight release party, amid about a million crazed people of every age, asking me questions about the books. i thought all those people were nuts, but finally after picking up a copy i see the book for what it is: an easy read, entertaining and imaginative.

    • Yep, I’m the same – I laughed at my friend for reading it, and she said I should try it because she thought it was great. Now I’m hooked!! Not the best writing (sometimes I do cringe a bit), but a really enjoyable book. And I spy lots of topless guys in the film! :-D

  • everyone’s a critic.

    if you keep your expectations low and just go into it looking for something that will be enjoyable, you won’t be disappointed. they’re playful, imaginative. if you’re looking for heavy or deep, twilight isn’t for you.

    • I don’t know. My expectations were rock bottom and I was still pretty disappointed. The books aren’t playful or imaginative at all. Dracula was an imaginative book. The Sooke Stackhouse series is playful. Twilight is overdone. She ripped ideas from every other vampire series out there, which is perfectly fine, but then she did absolutely nothing to make them unique. The Twilight series is pathetic. Plain and simple.

  • Time for honesty.
    I liked the books before the tween sensation. Now I feel ashamed to say that.
    They are a fun read. They aren’t amazingly written- Meyer’s writing is not that good. But if they are taken as just for fun, then you will enjoy them.
    The acting in the first movie was horrendous, but I have higher hopes for the second. Slightly higher.

  • Sure, Romeo and Juliet. Except Romeo is pretty much a sparkly rock, and go ahead and throw the timelessness out the window and substitute it with cheap but gratuitous shots of shirtless men.

  • I just realized that Kristen Stewart’s face (at about :24) looks like she’s having a really bad orgasm.

    This probably explains why I giggle when she emotes.

  • I thought u read books for enjoyment, entertainment to be taken out of the real world for a sec. Why are people putting down this series. It’s a Story about a human girl who feel in love with a Vampire what did you expect?? Well written or not Meyer has been on the Best Seller list & has broken a record by having the 1st 2nd & 3rd place on the list so the people have spoken so shut up about it already. I admit I liked all the books but it took me longer to get thru Breakin Dawn if it wasn’t for Jacob’s book it would have been lame the whole baby thing was crazy to me. I will be seeing this movie & I hope the acting is better all tho Ashley Green is making me wonder

  • Has anyone ever read Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series?
    It seems that Ms/Mrs? (who cares) Meyer got a lot of inspiration for her books.
    Although I love the Twilight Saga (books), I can’t help but wonder how no-one ever questioned the similarities or screamed plagiarism.

    • I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how her books plagiarize a few different series.

      I have made the decision not to read the Southern Vampire series because I’m totally into True Blood. I don’t want to constantly compare the books and the show. I’ll wait till the show’s over to read the books.

  • i am a twi-hard and im not a teenage girl,,,,i guess just the fact that it is different from an average book is wat got me…. i think u should try it out

  • God, kristen sounds more like a man than Taylor does. it looks a shitload better than twilight, i’ll give it that. I mean no one’s going win a fucking oscar, but looks entertaining. And the wolves are looking HOT.

  • Ugh you kristen haters need to eat would make sense since nothing but shit is coming out! She is not a man and she doesn’t sound like one. Does she have to have a high pitched mousy voice to satisfy you fuck faces? Damn low lives. Haha.

    Hopping on the bandwagon now? The saga is great and yes new moon is gonna be so wonderful!

    I don’t compare it to romeo and juliet but some ppl probably do. It’s a unique story.

    P.S. Kristen is beautiful and talented..those who beg to differ must be blind.