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New Dan Brown Novel Released Tomorrow!!!


Or, for most of you reading this, TODAY! We don’t go literary very often around here (unless, of course, it’s to laud the novel that Lauren Conrad wrote ALL BY HERSELF), but I just had to let you guys know that the new Dan Brown novel comes out on Tuesday. It’s his first new book in six years!! (I’ve read all his previous ones, natch.) It’s called The Lost Symbol, and it picks up with Robert Langdon after he returns from his European adventures in The Da Vinci Code. He has been summoned to Washington, D.C., and is quickly caught up in a fateful race against a murderous villain to find a hidden code that supposedly unearths an ancient secret to limitless knowledge and power.


I’M SO EXCITED!!! I haven’t been this excited about a book since last month when my cousin Brigid released her debut novel to RAVE REVIEWS. (Yes, I’m going to keep plugging that book until you’ve all bought it.)

You can read more about it here or get the book from Amazon here.

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  • you know for some reason i thought that even if you work in this kind of thing you were not dumb…i thought wrong…there are so many good books around and you choose dan brown !! dude c’mon thats light literature, naaah it doesnt even decerve that name

    • Why would you call Beet dumb because she enjoys something that you don’t enjoy? He may not be the most artful writer, but homeboy can tell a story!

  • I’m hoping you were using the word “literary” as loosely as possible. I admit, I read Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code and they are page turners but there is nothing literary about them.

  • Beet-

    I once respected you. Plugging Dan Brown on your blog goes beyond low. Complete deal breaker for me – Dan Brown is terrible. Yes, there are other great books out there. Try reading something that didn’t come off the best-seller list.

    Ick… you like Dan Brown.

  • oh, honey. find your most bookish friend and get her to take you to a bookstore. so she can show you everything that is wonderful and not Dan Brown.